City Home Commercial Partnerships

Are you opening a new bar or restaurant? Do you have a unique store or boutique and want to find interesting accents that make a statement?

City Home has outfitted numerous establishments with furniture and decor, both large and small. Seating, lighting, upholstery, accents, and statement pieces in vast quantities are always available in our showrooms. Here is just a sampling of various restaurants, bars, and other places that were looking for a one-of-a-kind feel and came to City Home to find them.

Silver MoonSilver Moon Brewing
McNallys TaproomMcNallys Taproom
GrimmGrimm (Tv Series)
FortsideFortside Brewing Company
Loyal LegionLoyal Legion
IMG_2923Smith Teamakers – Our mid century modern chairs help lend a unique global industrial vibe to the Smith Tea Makers tasting room.

Product Rentals

City Home also does prop sales and rentals. We have worked with many TV shows, movies, production houses, theater companies, staging companies, and interior designers, and more. City Home can find whatever you’re looking for and help keep you within budget. Stop into our store or send us a message to learn more about our rental program.

Bulk Orders and Business Discounts

City Home frequently works with interior designers, architectural designers, set designers, and more. For designers and business to business bulk orders (20 pieces or more), we offer a courtesy 10% discount rate on all of our products.