Every Spring we go through the same thing. We’ve made a cozy, blanket filled, clutter nest to keep us warm through the winter. When Spring weather hits, we have to begin the long process of finding a place for everything.

That does not have to mean plastic tubs piled high, or vacuum sealed bags to hide all those extra blankets. Take the opportunity to not only step up your storage game, but place the perfect design accessories to awaken your style! Functional design isn’t just a trick to hide and organize, it is design!

So, where do you start? Let’s start in the kitchen!

There’s nothing better than opening the windows, and cranking up the oven so the whole neighborhood can smell your baking skills. Plus, cute measuring cups will get you even more excited. Ceramic with polka dots and Spring colors can brighten your mood, and your kitchen. What makes these a storage item, you say? They’re stackable! Counterspace is always a limited supply, so anything to help you save space will really up your storage decor.

Between the holidays, Valentine’s day, and any other special occasion, you may have a lot of “Special Occasion” bottles stacked up. Counterspace is limited, and organizing bottles in a row can look messy, and get in the way. Just look to the walls for help.

Our arrow shaped wine rack is an elegant and visually interesting solution. Easy to grab at a dinner party, and ties right into your home decor you already have. If you’re not feeling it in your kitchen, the dining room is where we like to hang ours.

Planning some picnics? Packing lunches for field trips? Lift the lid for your perfect sandwich bread. You’ll definitely want to feel nostalgic with this charming addition…the bread box!

Speaking of baking and entertaining…extra food means you’ll need a place for that too. Display your fancy desserts with our rustic Metal Nesting Stand with stunning white ceramic plates. Makes it easy to present your sweets, and takes the place of a bulky flat plat. The raised design saves space, and elevates your presentation.

What’s next? The living room, of course!

How many books did you go through this winter? If you burned through your reading list, proudly display your winter collection. Our industrial iron and reclaimed wood bookshelf makes a bold statement to your living room. Whether you have 8 foot ceilings, or taller this shelf makes its presence known. The functional ladder makes decorating, and retrieving from your personal library easy.

Having one place for your keys and pocket change when you walk in the door makes it easier to keep your life organized. Don’t go crazy looking for all that when you’re about to leave. Hang your keys on a hook, keep the mail in the bin, and anything else you’ll need when coming and going in our metal shelf with baskets, and bins.

What’s last? Everywhere else in your home!

Does your laundry room need some extra baskets? Stacks of magazines need a home? Or does your bathroom have more towels than you have space? Wire locker baskets add a bit of country casual charm, no matter where you put them!

Any room in your house could use some extra drawers. Magnolia Home’s Hall Bench can keep your entryway organized, or at the foot of your bed to hold those extra blankets and display those pillows. Pull out drawers, and Joanna’s painted finish will draw your eye, instead of showing your storage. 

There’s no reason you can’t get creative with storage! Anywhere it goes in your home, form and function will go hand in hand. Find more storage inspiration at our website- www.CityHomepdx.com, or follow us on Instagram @CityHomepdx to see what we’re up to this Spring!

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