When you decide on a nautical theme for your favorite room, or your home decor, you don’t have to be living in a pirate ship. All the special, small touches will bring the ocean into the overall feel of your favorite space.

Whether you are updating your coastal dream home, or bringing your love of the ocean closer to home, nautical accessories can add the perfect, whimsical touch to your beach inspired home.

Here at City Home, these accessories happen to be some of our favorites. Form, function, and creativity all rolled into our Waterside collection.

whale bookends
mermaid bookends

The bookshelves in our home are a major focal point. Bookends are a smart addition to keep your fancy books in order. If you’re keen on uniformity, you can double up on one or the other. We like to mix it up, and have both the Mermaid Book-ends and the Whale Book-ends on different shelves to keep it visually interesting. They make a whimsical, nautical addition without being too obvious.

Mermaid statues
Sailboat model

Speaking of shelves, is yours missing a mermaid? The Mermaid Shelf Sitter can hang out on your mantle, or hanging shelves to add a touch of the beach. It can be smartly paired with other nautical items like shells, jars of sand, or the fabric sail boat.

Nautical themed mirror
Wood beaded chandelier

Not every piece of your nautical theme has to be so obvious. Sometimes the oceanic feel is enough. A smartly placed, rustic porthole mirror ties together all the other nautical elements on the room. Another element is the lighting. While the wood beaded chandelier isn’t overtly nautical, it ties in Caribbean and beach elements to enhance your nautical theme.

mermaid bottle opener

Lastly, you have to have a little bit of fun! The mermaid bottle opener can live at the bar, ready to use like at a beach resort. It’s the perfect final touch!
Whether you choose to use small nautical elements, or go for a full waterside theme, you can make smart accessory choices to tie everything together!

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