Our values are a driving force behind everything we do. Celebrating home is a major part of those values, and we mean that in more ways than one. In addition to creating stylish spaces, we place heavy emphasis on sustainable practices. After all, the houses we live in are just one element of home. Our communities and the environment in general are another big part of our lives.

City Home is committed to the care of our planet. We support initiatives and seek out pieces that are kind to the environment on both a local and global scale. As part of that effort, we collaborate with makers that are as dedicated as we are to our environment.

SFC Membership

We love to collaborate. Whether it’s with homeowners or professional designers, we know that working together makes great things happen. Collaboration is also a key part of making sure that our planet is protected, which is why we belong to the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). The SFC is a coalition of suppliers, retailers and designers that raise awareness of sustainability in the furniture industry. Its primary mission is to expand the use of environmentally sustainable practices across the marketplace. 

SFC members work together to build new industry best practices, resulting in a greener supply chain. As part of our commitment to the SFC, we focus on stocking our stores with pieces that are reclaimed, salvaged, recycled or otherwise produced in ways that respect our planet.


"What’s it Made of?” Initiative

The SFC and other groups have partnered to create the “What’s it made of?” initiative. Designed to help retailers and consumers find out if the things they buy contain any harmful materials, the goal of this program is to stop the use of unnecessary components and ingredients commonly found in home furnishings. These include flame retardants, VOCs and fluorinated stain treatments.

We know so many of our customers prioritize the safety of their families and themselves when choosing what goes into their homes. For many of you, you’re just as concerned with what goes into your furniture as you are with that goes into your food! Our priority is to be a fun place to shop for furniture and decor pieces made from safe, sustainable materials. For example, this framed owl art piece is printed on hemp canvas with non-toxic pigments. It’s also made in the USA, meaning it didn’t have to ship from overseas!

Sustainable Woods

Style is always one of our top priorities when picking pieces to fill our showrooms. Fortunately, many of our favorite furniture makers are as concerned as we are with sustainability. Whenever possible, City Home designers and staff curate furniture pieces crafted from reclaimed materials or wood grown in responsibly managed forests. 

We love to collect and style pieces that show off wood’s organic beauty. From driftwood to live-edge wood slabs, many of our customer favorites showcase the one-of-a-kind appeal of genuine wood. In addition to being eco-friendly, these unique statement pieces are also sturdy, having been crafted with solid wood rather than cheap composite materials. 

If you’re looking for a way to further reduce your impact, consider re-use. Reclaimed and recycled wood furniture is just as beautiful and sturdy as a brand-new piece. Our Vintage Indian Wedding Tables, for example, are chic conversation pieces that suit a variety of design styles. These authentic vintage pieces show real wear and tear that tells a story about the past while also speaking to the power of sustainability.


We want to make it easy for our awesome customers to make informed, sustainable choices when furnishing their homes. While shopping sustainably is a great idea, it isn’t the only step you can take to make your home decor more eco-friendly. Every little bit helps, so think about these extra small steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment while staying stylish.

Buying Local

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re lucky to have a variety of unique designers and vendors to pull from in our own backyard. Buying locally eliminates the need to ship items over a long distance, reducing pollution and energy consumption associated with heavy transportation. Shopping local also helps support small businesses in your area!

We love sourcing from sustainable PNW brands. For example, the Anchored Northwest candles we carry are hand-poured in Spokane, WA and feature natural ingredients, 100% American-grown soy wax and wooden wicks made from sustainably sourced cedar. Our friends at Castellano Furniture build everything right here in Portland and are deeply committed to sustainability in the manufacturing process. Their process is practically waste-free, as they use recycled metal and plastic alongside responsibly sourced, local Adler wood to craft their pieces. 

Purchasing Preassembled Furniture

You get what you pay for with furniture. Flat-pack items from big box stores may be budget-friendly in the short term, but they aren’t built to last. Plus, DIY assembly is a pain. We don’t sell any cheap, flat-pack items. The assembled pieces we carry are sturdier and built for the long haul, meaning they won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon. Investing in well-built furniture is better for your wallet and the environment!

Sustainable Furniture Disposal

Donating or recycling your old furniture is an eco-friendly choice that also helps support your local community. If your old furniture is in good shape, read our guide to local charitable organizations that accept donated home furnishings. These organizations will give your furniture a second life by either giving it to families in need or reselling it to fund their charitable work.

If donation isn’t an option for your furniture, look into recycling with a local haul-away service or your municipal waste servicer. These services may be able to break down your furniture so each component part is efficiently repurposed for future re-use. 

Sustainable Design for Your Home

Ready to make some green choices? Stop by one of our stores or shop our online collection today. If you need help choosing the perfect sustainable pieces, consult a City Home designer. We’ll be happy to help incorporate your values and personal style into your home.