We know it can seem challenging to decorate a small living space, but it doesn't have to be. Stick with us as we share a few tried and true tips that will help combat clutter, create a comfortable environment, and make your home feel more sizable. 

You might be small on space but we are big on ideas! In each section, we'll give you all the inspo and tips you need to make your home feel as spacious and trendy as possible. 

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    Neutral Walls

    Neutral Color

    When you’re working with a small space, the idea is to find creative ways to make your room appear larger; and that starts with your walls. 

    Dark colors tend to absorb light, making your space feel tighter, albeit cozy, which is why you often find romantic moody colors in the bedroom. Softer colors open up a room by reflecting light, giving you the feeling of a more expansive space. 

    While there is nothing wrong with using white as your go-to, it is entirely possible to get a little bold with neutrals. We love a good honey blonde or dovetail grey. If you want a bit of color, go for a sage or a blush.

    small apartment decorating ideas


    Ok, but say you’re a renter and can’t paint your walls? 

    Maybe you’re not looking forward to draping your furniture in painter's cloth or your clothes in splatter. 

    Luckily there is an amazing alternative. Peel and stick wallpaper. Hear us out; it's not nearly as difficult and intimidating as it appears. It is literally as easy as the name states: just peel and stick! We love this method for its no fuss application. Simply clean your walls, measure out the paper, peel, and stick. Be sure to smooth out your paper using a plastic smoother and downward strokes as you go. Best of all, using this wallpaper means no damage to your walls. To remove, start at the corner, peel down and done!

    small condo decorating tips


    The key to small living is to minimize clutter. 

    A great way to do that is to employ the use of baskets. Large floor baskets are perfect for throws while smaller ones can be placed on shelves or in cubbies. These are ideal for hiding mail and everyday odds and ends like scissors and remotes. 

    Look for baskets with a natural weave to give your space a more organic feel.


    modern small apartment design

    Dual Function Furniture

    We love the idea of making your furniture work for you. Besides looking good, dual function furniture serves a greater purpose. 

    Take the Emory Sofa collection for example. Not only is it beautiful, comfortable and available in over 300 fabric options, but it's chaise comes with an ottoman that opens for storage. With space large enough for throw blankets, you may even have additional room to toss in a stray magazine or two! 

    This sofa also comes in a sleeper option which pulls out into a queen size bed perfect for overnight guests.

    small apartment bedroom ideas


    When living in a home with minimal storage options, it's important to find those alternate areas. A great way to maximize all available space is to use shelving on your walls.

    Shelves draw the eye up, making a space feel wider.

    Use them to display favorite knick knacks and books. Add a basket to hide papers and other commonplace items. 

    For a real space saver, consider the Henley Desk. Combining open space and shelving with desk storage and a worktop, this piece is a multitasking champ. It’s clean lines and thin frame are unobtrusive, leaving room for your star pieces to shine.

    low nesting coffee table

    Table Space

    Tables are essential to a home, but they can also pose a worry for those tight on space. That’s where nesting tables come in handy.

    If you’re not familiar with the phrase, these are tables that essentially “nest” within each other; a smaller table that slides beneath a larger one. These tables give you the flexibility to move them around as needed. Basically your grandparents' TV trays, grown up! 

    When looking for nesting tables, you want something sturdy and attractive. Check out the Otto Nesting Table set where teak wood tops and an iron base create that visual wow moment! Move either table around the room when needed to create more surface space. And when the party's over, two tables return to one, giving you back that extra space.

    using mirrors to add space


    Mirrors do more than reflect an image; they can also give you the sense that you're in a bigger area. 

    A mirror takes light in, casts it back into the room and creates a feeling of openness. It's a simple hack that will make your space look larger as well as interesting and put together. 

    When choosing a mirror, go big! Bigger! Don't be intimidated by tall floor mirrors. Larger mirrors expand the visual space and having more than one will bounce light around. This is doubly helpful as it brings in depth and eliminates space taken up from multiple lamps. 

    We love the Sadie Arch Mirror because of its unique lines that add interest and design to a seemingly simple mirror.

    small apartment living room

    Wall Art

    Art is the widow to our souls. Whether its photo collages, a favorite print, or masterpieces done by tiny hands by all means, display it joyfully. 

    Cohesion is the key to balancing wall decor to create visual expansion. 

    Stack similar frames vertically, mixing and matching while keeping within a centered column. Emphasize a focal point by hanging an oversized print or frame at eye level.

    apartment living room decor ideas 2021


    When illuminating your home, don’t rely on a single ceiling lamp that will only cast light to the middle of your room. Instead, place lamps beside furniture and in corners to open up the full space of the room. If you have high ceilings, utilize that vertical space with a hanging pendant lamp. Sconces are also an excellent way to create depth when placed on either side of a wall column or fireplace.

    plants for small apartments


    Whether you’re of the green thumb society, or prefer your plants faux, one thing is for sure….plants make any house feel like a home. 

    Even tiny homes benefit from greenery. Go for a tall potted tree to emphasize the height of your room or hanging plants to draw the eye upward. Create the illusion of space using slender plants like a snake plant or thin trunk trees like the fiddle leaf.

    Many of us find ourselves living in a small space at some point in our lives. Thankfully, living in a small space doesn’t mean settling for small decor or limited storage options. 

    At City Home, we're here to help you make your house a home.  

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