There are few pieces in your home that receive as much attention as your sofa. From movie nights, to make believe forts, cozy winter naps and family game nights, your sofa is definitely the destination spot!

Understandably, when it comes to choosing the right sofa, there are a few important factors to consider. How big is your space, how many people do you need to accommodate? And perhaps the biggest question of all: sofa or sectional?

We've created a guide to help simplify those questions and make the process of buying new seating easier and fun, as it should be!

Sofa vs Sectional: Which Should You Choose?
Chaise Sectional
L Shaped Sectional
U Shaped Sectional

Sofa vs Sectional Which Should You Choose

Maxx Leather Sofa

Sofa vs. Sectional: Which Should You Choose

It’s long been said that sofas lend a more traditional feel to your room. And while that is certainly the case in some views, more modern pieces have debunked that. Cozy fabrics and textures make the traditional sofa more inviting. Bold colors give off a fun flair. Nothing stuffy about these sofas!

A sectional gets high marks because it can be versatile in its structure. Sectionals can be customized to the size and shape of your room. Many come with the option to recline and some even have built in storage!

So how do you choose the right fit for your abode? Let's go over some unique features of both.

how to choose a sofa

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Sofas are single pieces of furniture, generally seating three to four people. Commonly found in more formal settings but also excellent in smaller spaces. Accompany your sofa with a loveseat and chair to tie the look together.

what is the best sectional

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Because of its size and structure, sectionals tend to be more inviting, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike a sofa, a sectional takes up more space, filling the area to make a room more cozy.


Size is always going to be the number one factor when purchasing furniture. Too large and your space feels cramped, too small and the room looks awkward.

Sofas are a great choice for a smaller space. Besides the fact that they generally take up less room, they also work well as a room divider. Use your sofa to create a clear separation between spaces. This tip is ideal if your living and dining room share a combined space.

And if you’re in the market to upgrade your entire shared space, check out our guides on How to Decorate Small Spaces and How to Choose a Dining Room Table [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

how to choose a sofa for a small space

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When it comes to company, sofas are perfect for intimate gatherings. An added loveseat and chair not only allows for extra seating, but it also breaks up the room, creating visible space and making your room feel larger.

If you are more flexible with space, a sectional might be what you're looking for. Because it's size varys, the amount of people it seats also fluctuates. Most seat five to seven while others can seat up to twenty!

Sectionals are great for lounging and kicking back. If you have a family that likes to snuggle up while watching movies, a sectional is for you. If you host larger gatherings where more seating space is optimal, a sectional is definitely for you!

ricciardo sofa

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Sofas and sectionals come in a wide range of styles. From traditional to modern with subtle textures or bold fabrics, from high backs to reclining backs.

Generally, sectionals are more oversized and casual looking; while sofas have more formal options available. This doesn’t mean sectionals can’t fit into smaller rooms or sofas can’t be comfy and casual.

emory sectional

Emory Sectional

If you find yourself rearranging your furniture often, a sofa might be the best choice for you. As a single piece of furniture, sofas provide flexibility in movement and position. While sectionals come in a variety of configurations, your ability to change the layout is more limited.

Sectionals come in many configurations. The most common being: chaise, L-shaped, and U-shaped.

l shaped sofa

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Chaise Sectional

A chaise sectional is similar in form to a regular sofa, but with one key difference. Positioned at one end of the sofa is a chaise cushion. Either found on the left or the right, the chaise offers additional space to stretch out.

chaise sectional

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L Shaped Sectional

L-Shaped sectionals usually have four to five cushions, with two on one side, two on the other, and often one in the middle connecting them. This configuration is great for entertaining as it allows conversation to flow from all seats.

u shaped sectional

Liam Sectional

U Shaped Sectional

With plenty of seating and lots of room to spread out, U-shaped sectionals are perfect for big families and larger gatherings. This sectional is ideal for a large space or if you don't want to bother with armchairs and other seating. The U shape allows two people to sit facing each other.

damon sofa

Damon Sofa

Your sofa is the focal point of the living room. It grounds the room and sets the tone for the whole atmosphere. It should be a place you love to sit, to share memories over movies and laughter amongst guests.

Use our guide to help with the basic design and let your personal style steer the rest.

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