Your home environment can significantly affect your mental health and well-being. Consequently, your bedroom should be a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and feel like yourself! Furnishing your space with cohesive, beautiful bedroom sets can boost tranquility and encourage sleep when you turn in for the evening. 

Also, good news! A well-designed and cozy bedroom set doesn’t have to break the bank. Many high-end bedroom furniture sets are affordable and can complement your existing home decor styles. 

Creating a Cozy and Luxurious Bedroom Space

This post highlights the foundations for building a cozy and luxurious bedroom that you will love to spend time in. Let’s start with furniture and decor. 

Considerations for designing a cozy and luxurious bedroom are: 

  • View the bed as the focal point of your room and design around it.
  • Select a bedroom suite that fits well in your room. 
  • Use a color scheme that you’ll love throughout the seasons and years to come.
  • Pick a theme that evokes joy and accentuate it with decor. 

      In summary: your bedroom set should be comfortable and functional while showcasing your personal style. 

      Start With the Bed 

      As mentioned, your bed is the focal point of the room. Matching comfort and design starting with the bed is crucial. A comfortable and cozy bed is more than just finding your perfect mattress. Since the bed serves both function and aesthetic purposes in your room, choose bedroom furniture that will last and maintain its appeal for years.

      Materials Matter

      Bedroom furniture sets are made of a variety of materials to fit in with different house aesthetics. The most common, of course, is wood. If you’re hoping to foster an earthy, natural, and calming vibe, wood is the perfect material. 

      To create a softer, more plush feeling in the room, we encourage a fabric headboard. The additional fabric creates an immediate sense of warmth, all year long.  

      plush fabric headboard

      In contrast, you can find modern, luxury bedroom sets that use metal materials for a much stronger, masculine, and streamlined look. We recommend matching the aesthetic of your bedroom furniture with the rest of your house. If you live in a modern, industrial apartment with exposed beams for example, a soft, cottage vibe for your bedroom may be confusing for your senses. Play off the bones of your home until you feel like the space evokes the comfort you’re looking for. 

      Proper Sheets: a Game Changer

      Next, the materials used for the sheets, duvets, and pillows can absolutely transform a space. Above all, we recommend choosing your linens based on your personal preferences for comfort. But also keep in mind components like cost, durability, and environmental impact. The most common sheet material is a cotton blend, but options like silk, bamboo, polyester blends, linen, tencel, and satin will each offer unique pros and cons. 

      The top components to keep in mind when searching for your ideal bed sheet material are breathability, cost, durability and appearance. 

      Choosing Your Luxury Bedroom Suite 

      It is simple to customize your bedroom furniture to suit your needs. Many popular manufacturers offer a wide range of items for consumers to select the pieces that work for their space. Typical bedroom suites will offer: 

      • A bed frame
      • Bedside tables 
      • Dressers

        Bed frames can fall under several classifications, depending on the style. The choices are many, from four-poster and canopy setups to platform beds that you can use with or without a box spring. 

        Bedside tables or nightstands are terrific matching pieces for storing your personal items and keeping essentials handy. You can mix and match styles for a unique look or maintain continuity with your dressers and bed frame. 

        Dressers come in multiple styles and sizes, from chest designs to wardrobe armoires and vertical options, enabling you to select large bedroom furniture that will fit your space.

        Choosing Your Luxury Bedroom Suite

        You can save money when you select an entire luxury bedroom set by bundling these essential pieces rather than purchasing each piece individually. However, if you are adventurous, you can shop around to find separate items that will work well for your decor and fall within your budget. 

        Selecting the Perfect Colors 

        The color scheme of your bedroom will set the tone for the space. Not only does the color matter, but also the vibrancy and hue you select are essential. 

        Color specialists note that the number one calming color for a bedroom is blue, and green is a close second. But before you run out and grab a gallon of paint, remember that this is your special space. You can lean into whatever colors evoke the cozy feeling you’re looking for! If you want to ease into adding color to your walls, you can always choose a muted blue or green that is not vibrant or stimulating. 

        If you are not daring enough to choose a color for the bedroom walls, you can still take advantage of the soothing effects of blue and green using neutral tones. For example, white, beige, and lighter gray paint can include subtle blue or green undertones to produce a calming environment without a drastic change. 

        Choosing bedroom sheet sets, window coverings, and throw rugs that use soft blue-green hues will pull the entire room together evenly. 

        Some people find bright, stimulating colors like reds, oranges, pinks, or purples to be cozy as well! If that sounds like you, go for it! Consider balancing out the intensity of your walls with calmer, more neutral sheets and furniture, which will allow you to feel both at home in your space, and still able to relax and wind down in the bedroom.

        cozy bedroom suite

        Cozy Bedroom Decor 

        Once you’ve built a strong foundation with paint and a bedroom set, it’s time for decor. The colors you use for your luxury modern bedroom sets should compliment your furniture and other items throughout the space. 

        Adding extra pillows and throw blankets to the bed and accent chairs can make the space inviting and warm. Some trending bedroom decor ideas include: 

        • A coastal theme with warm blues, white, and beige items. Tie in some earth tones to ground the space.
        • A bohemian theme with different textures and warm colors for an eclectic environment that feels funky and moody. 
        • A cottage theme with traditional wood furniture and natural light for an airy ambiance. 
        • A glam theme using rich fabrics, like faux fur and velvet, and accents like mirrors and stunning fixtures.  
        • A modern theme with straight lines, neutral colors, natural light, and simple yet elegant features, such as a decorative headboard.

        The Takeaway 

        Redesigning your bedroom to bring more warmth and comfort into the space is easy once you know some simple guidelines. The best way to create your ideal bedroom is by including luxury bedroom sets that will fit well in your space. 

        There should be enough room for you to move around the bedroom and use all your pieces functionally. Consider small details, like the handles on your dressers or the artwork you choose, which will help bring the right ambiance to your bedroom space. 

        When it’s time to update your existing bedroom furniture, shop the City Home bedroom collection; where you can find everything you need for a cozy and luxurious bedroom. Your new bedroom awaits!