There were many interior design trends in 2021, including modern farmhouse design and all-white monochromatic interiors. However, we don't expect most of these styles to stick around for long.  So, if you are renovating your interiors or moving to a new home, ensure that you choose fashionable décor, finishes, and furniture. 

 Below are new interior design trends for 2022, according to designers:

Great Rooms 

According to Aly Moford, a designer at Pure Salt Interiors, great rooms will make a comeback in 2022. Homeowners will do away with formal living spaces and embrace great rooms that offer a conducive space where all family members can lounge and have fun. 

Although the purpose of a great room is to create more function in a home, it would look even better with a touch of quality pieces that rhyme with your family's tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. The secret is to ensure that you balance functionality and aesthetics. 

For instance, you can consider layered rugs with some texture design element that adds softness and class to a room. A linen sofa is also a great addition; linen is a naturally cooling and soft material.

Great Room Living Room

Biophilic Design 

After months of being shut indoors, you can regain your connection to the world through the natural elements of interior design. Amanda Thompson of Aline Studio believes that homeowners will focus on keeping their spaces calm with plants, ventilation, and natural lighting.

 Connection to nature is vital for your well-being, especially during the pandemic era. Interior design with natural materials like wood, wicker, and ceramic utilize natural textures and colors. The biophilic design offers a direct and indirect experience of nature and makes you feel close to the natural world.


Biophilic Interior Design

Neutral Color Palette Interior Design 

A neutral color palette is timeless and adds a welcoming and open feel to your space. Let's look at some of the 2022 colors of the year to see what color trends to expect this year.

How to Utilize the 2022 Color of the Years in Your Color Palette

Neutral colors give you the freedom to add accessories and textiles in bright colors. For instance, you can match the Dunn-Edwards color of the year “Art and Craft”, a warm neutral, with vibrant jewel tones for an elegant feel, or brighten it up with additional light and bright neutrals.

Create a breezy, clean and open environment with brighter neutrals. Behrs color of the year, “Breezeway,” is crisp and bright and complements natural wood tones. This blue-green is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms with a coastal feel. 

But if you are into cozy spaces, you should choose muted neutrals. The Sherwin Williams color of the year is a calming and comfy option, “Aleutian” part of the softened refuge collection. The blue with a slightly warm undertone pairs well with muted earth tones. 

Potential buyers will love your calming, elegant living space. Neutral colors are appealing. Therefore, you should consider embracing this design if you plan to sell your home. 

Best Neutral Interior Color Palette

Unique Home Office Designs

According to Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten, investments in home offices will be one of the home designs trends in 2022. He adds that homeowners are already changing their kitchen counters into working spaces.

A nice-looking piece of furniture can transform your small room into an inspiring space. Your desk will most likely dominate your home office, and it's where you will spend most of your time when working from home.

You can revarnish old school furniture if necessary. Blending modern pieces with antique pieces creates an appealing rustic look. The key is to ensure that the vintage chair or desk takes center stage. 

Simple designs can breathe life into your otherwise dull space. Think of decorative objects that can blend well with your materials on the bookshelves. For instance, you can work with vintage lamps, picture frames, or tactile art. 

Keep in mind that the aesthetics and layout of an office space affect energy levels and output. So, as you work towards improving the functionality of your home office, focus on creating a space that maximizes productivity, concentration, and motivation- DécorMatters founder and CEO, Farris Wu advises. 

Unique Home Office Design Ideas

Functional Family Work Spaces

Homework is here to stay, and children deserve a conducive working space. Georgia Zikas says that most people may do away with the classroom setting and design a "mini corporate office" for school-going children. Most of these rooms will have WiFi and enough plug-in outlets. 

A homework room can also be used as a study room by college students or an adult's office. 

Modern Traditional Style

Designer Ariel Okin mentions that there will be a rise in traditionally inspired interior designs. Forget about the old-fashioned Grandma designs like floral prints. Instead, the traditional styles will have a touch of modern design features. 

A blend of classic and recent will create an inviting, warm and cozy atmosphere. For instance, contemporary artwork complements old furniture. An English roll arm sofa will do the magic. 

You can also consider curvaceous or scalloped shapes that evoke an artful, frivolous, and playful spirit. With these simple and unique styles, you will love every aspect of traditional designs. 

Modern Traditional Home Design

Furniture Design Trends 2022

Emma Kemper, a designer at Emma Beryl, predicts that most homeowners will invest in vintage and antique furniture. Items from different eras add character and personality to a living space. 

Using refurbished vintage furniture also creates a sustainable home. You can purchase such furniture from online shops or individuals who sell second-hand pieces. Another eco-conscious design trend is ethically sourced artisan furniture.

Artisan pieces will reduce your carbon footprint while giving you a high-quality, unique piece of furniture. Artisan accent furniture is great for adding your unique style to your space.

Latest Furniture Trends 2022

Clean Modern Lines Home Design 

Straight and narrow lines will be among the top interior design trends in 2022. Slim lines will dominate homes from the kitchen cabinetry, doors, windows, and room dividers. Tiles on the bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks will also become more geometric, according to the founder and stylist of Chelon Design.

Clean Modern lines Home Design

Although things are getting back to normal after months of social distancing and working from home, most people still spend hours at home. Consider the latest design trends in homes while creating a comfortable living space.

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