It all started last winter when we first heard that one of our favorite designers, Emily Henderson, purchased a home in Portland's Dunthrope neighborhood to do a high-end fixer upper project.

We immediately reached out to Emily's team, inviting them to stop by our shops and check out our home decor and furniture. 

Emily Henderson City Home Portland Oregon Home Decor Furniture

Emily stopped by to check out our inventory - it was so cool to meet her in person. She's so down to earth and kind, as Oregonians tend to be ;) 

Emily Henderson Portland Project

It was so much fun watching the Portland Project unfold and come to life via Emily's blog and Instagram. When we saw an IG story of Emily walking through the soon-to-be entertainment / media / playroom we had a lightbulb moment - instead of a traditional pool table, we wondered if she'd consider our awesome artisan ping pong table instead!

Artisan ping pong table portland oregon city home game room

Hand made from solid smoked European oak with a hand stitched leather net and matching leather wrapped paddles ... she said YES! 

Emily Henderson Fixer Upper Portland

We waited patiently during the construction phase, looking forward to the home decor and furniture selection process. What else would Emily and her team pick from City Home?! 

Portland Open House.  Come hang with us July 21.

Lots of emails and spec sheets later, the team selected their pieces from City Home ... we were so excited when the open house invitation arrived.

Emily Henderson and City Home Owner Kim Pelett

Emily Henderson and City Home Owner Kim Pelett at the Portland Open House. And now, drum roll please, the final reveal ... !

Emily Henderson City Home London Loft Dining Table

Emily selected our London Loft Dining Table featuring a beautiful acacia wood live edge slab top for the dining room.

"We love to mix and match styles and the same goes for types of wood over here. Having a combo of both refined and organic woods in the space allows the room to feel more collected and also not too rustic (raw) or polished (refined)." - Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson Portland Project City Home London Loft Dining Table

Emily Henderson London Loft Dining Table

Live Edge Dining Table London Loft

Emily Henderson Live Edge Wood Table

"To contrast with the refined nature of the credenza, we brought in this massive live edge table from City Home which gave us our 'raw' element. When I say massive, I mean it. The table is almost 4-feet wide and over 8-feet long but we still could have gone bigger in the space if we wanted to. I love the way that it brings the outdoors in with its live edge—it is Portland after all, just look out the windows, while still feeling refined enough to work in a formal dining room. The base of the table is black iron which helped everything in the room feel a bit more graphic and edgy. If it had been a brass or wood base then the room could have read too formal but the modern base helps to modernize the rest of the room. I also love how much it speaks to the beautiful windows and doors from Milgard in this picture. The black in the room really helps give the room that graphic and modern punch it needs to feel 'cool' but still sophisticated." - Emily Henderson

Read more about this dining room space over on Emily's blog.

Emily Henderson Portland House Office Bologna Black Leather Office Chair

City Home made it into the home office space of this stunning home too! Our Bologna Office Chair makes a cameo in this space perfect for writing to your heart's content.

Bologna Office Chair Portland Oregon

"Office chairs can be some of the most depressing items to actually have to buy and use. They fall into the functional but 'not so pretty' category a lot of the times, especially if you are looking for affordable options. This one was such a great find and is really affordable and high quality." - Emily Henderson 

Read more about this home office space over on Emily's blog.

There are still more reveals to come from this amazing project, follow along with us on Emily's instagram

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