Often known as the hub of the home, your kitchen design is an integral part of your home’s aesthetic.

One kitchen trend that is really popular right now are bold color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets. From rich tones to bright prints, combining dark kitchen cabinets with a contrasting hue can make a real impact in a room.

Here we are covering some of the different color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets which are so on trend right now and how you can apply them in your own home.

Which Colors Brighten Up a Kitchen?

The number one rule of thumb when working with any dark tones in a room is how to balance them according to the light you have available. Kitchens come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, but it’s the lighting that makes or breaks a room. If your kitchen is small with low ceilings, then your dark kitchen units will need to be balanced well with a lighter color.

If you have a large kitchen with high ceilings and plenty of natural lighting, then you can be a bit bolder with your color choices and go for darker tones. There are ways that you can break the dark tones up more such as using lighter counters, bright flooring and white ceilings, as well as exploring different styles of hardware for your units themselves. 

Bright or Bold Kitchen Colors with Dark Cabinets?

Now the answer to whether to choose bright or bold kitchen colors in your kitchen really depends on your personality and what sort of aesthetic you would like in your home. Many people choose safe colors for their kitchens because it is practical, works well even if lighting is an issue and also appeals to their sense of style.

Others prefer to go bold and bright to make an impact, a statement of their eclectic style. From dark colors to bold prints, combining these key features with dark cabinets in your kitchen can make for a truly unique room scheme that will be the envy of all your friends and family. 

The 7 Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Emerald Greenemerald green color scheme

Ginger Jar - Vase Set - Serving Cart - Dining Chair - Chandelier

A huge trend for this year, emerald green is making a comeback in a big way, especially when paired with dark kitchen units. Green and black is the most popular choice, paired with wood elements or marble to lighten the scheme. Emerald green lends itself to a high end luxe look and works well with gold elements and opulent lighting such as gold or brass chandeliers. Complete the look with some velvet textiles and gold accent décor.

Navy Blue

navy color scheme

Abstract Wall Art - Table Clock - Pendant Light - Leather Stool 

Navy blue has been a popular choice for kitchens for the past few years but combining them with dark kitchen cabinets is a delicate balance of light and dark. Many will paint their kitchen units navy blue, although using the blue as an accent color for the walls behind the cabinets themselves can also give an attractive look.

Complementing the navy blue color scheme with bright white or light countertops and backsplashes will help to lift the space and balance out the tones. Brass finishes help to add depth to this color scheme and leather bar stools are often a popular choice.

Bright Yellow

yellow color scheme

Stoneware Bowl Set - Dining Chair - Abstract Wall Art - Wall Clock

Now bright yellow is something of an acquired taste when it comes to colors, but it is definitely an up and coming trend. Neon colors are becoming more popular in decorating, but yellow is the number one choice for kitchens with dark cabinets. The simple reason is because it lightens the room so well while adding a huge statement piece. Working best with black units, try using monochrome accents to add more depth to the room scheme.

Stone Tones

stone texture color scheme

Table Lamp - Stoneware Salt & Pepper Pots - Glazed Pot - Bar Stool

For those of you who would prefer less of a bold stance on the design scheme of the room, stone tones are a great solution to accentuate your dark cabinets and bring some light into your kitchen. These off-white colors will add some warmth to the walls while showing off the richness of your cabinets. Want to make the color scheme your own? Try adding some vibrant wall art to add some pops of color.


monochrome color scheme

Pendant Light - Counter Stool - Cabinet - Hand Painted Vase - Candle

If you love your dark kitchen cabinets, then why not embrace them and show them off to the best of your ability by using a monochrome design scheme perfect for you. Bright white contrasting with dark cabinets, accentuated by a bright or wooden countertop will make for a striking kitchen. If you want to add some texture to your scheme, then you can add some in the form of furniture. Rustic wood furniture with black accent hardware will suit the scheme perfectly.


marble color scheme

Marble Waterpot - Marble Cheese Servers - Bar Cart - Modern Sideboard

Marble backsplashes and countertops are the perfect accompaniment to dark kitchen units. Lifting them and showing them as a major feature of the kitchen, whilst providing a luxurious background, marble is a great option for those who have limited space and light. Add in some gold or brass tones in the form of hardware and accessories and you have a stunning design scheme.


printed color scheme

Bar Cabinet - Wood Bowl - Peperomia Plant - Chair

Now a print in a kitchen is for the brave of heart, but it is definitely a great look. Making the dark kitchen units a backdrop to the main event, all the attention is on the vibrancy of the walls and the print. As far as the type of prints? Completely up to you. You can choose geometric shapes in primary colors, intricate florals for a granny chic look, or even a brocade design for an Italian twist.

With so many options and different colors to choose from to combine with your dark kitchen cabinets, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Dark cabinets are a real statement piece right now and is a trend that is set to stay around for many years to come. Whether you decide to go for a deep, rich blue or a bold and bright neon color, remember that a balance of dark and light is key to ensuring a cohesive design scheme in your kitchen.

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