We are going all in for Christmas 2021 and it looks like you are too. Reports show a record number of early online Christmas searches which tells us that everyone is ready for that holly jolly comfort and joy! 

While tradition is irreplaceable in your holiday decor, it's also fun to mix it up with color and theme. We’ve created a list of the top trends of the season so you make the most of the holiday spirit this year! Pour the eggnog and tell Alexa to play Christmas music - we've got some decorating to do!

               • Scandi and Bright
               • Black and White with a Twist
               • All is Calm with Neutrals
               • Whimsy and Then Some

scandinavian style decor


This year's top trend is all about traditional colors with a Scandi twist. That means red, white and lots of green! Scandinavian Christmas celebrates the beauty of nature through organic elements and soft but prominent colors.

A must have when decorating Scandi style is lots of natural greens and woods. Bring the outdoors in when planning your decor. Go for a simple green wreath hung over a mirror. Find a large, sturdy branch and hang your stocking from it. Add a wooden garland and evergreen swag to your tablescape. Embracing nature is going to be a pivotal part when creating your Nordic wonderland.

The idea behind the Scandinavian style is "less is more". White becomes a staple in your color palette, enhanced with strong accents of black. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a little color. Traditional decor can include hearts, reindeer, and stars in reds and blues. Interject this motif throughout your space for a pleasing balance.

black and white christmas decor


When it comes to classic color combinations, nothing tops black and white. Always a sophisticated look, it's obvious why this combo continues to top the trends. Don't be surprised to see a bold addition however.

Adding in a pop of color like blue or green is a natural evolution to a black and white Christmas.

If your tree is flocked white, add black ball ornaments in a variety of textures. Matte, glitter, gloss and velvet create a striking mix, giving your monochrome tree personally. And if your tree is evergreen, throw in some peacock blues with your b&ws for a bold impact. 

This season, evoke that traditional cozy Christmas spirit with the king of holiday prints: plaid! While those commonplace colors are red and green, a more minimalist take is - you guessed it - black and white. Use checked ribbon around brown paper packages (go ahead and sing that out loud). Add some throw pillows to your couch or a toasty blanket in b&w tartan.

neutral color holiday decor


Just because you're not feeling red and green doesn't mean you can't have an inspired holiday look. Create peace and tranquility within your home with soothing neutrals.

A flocked tree is a great place to start. It's like a pure white canvas ready to take on any mood. A few added baubles here and there, either in gold or rose gold, give a little glam while remaining subtle. If flocked isn't your style, don't worry - traditional green trees do have a place amongst a neutral palette. Keep with the golds and add in some white ball ornaments and pine cones.

As mentioned above, greenery is a beautiful complement to the neutral aesthetic. Decorate your mantelpiece with green garlands. Create a tablescape with candles and fresh branches from outside. This bit of primary color provides an organic feel which harmonizes the whole look.

whimsical home decor


Perhaps the most fun holiday style is that of whimsy. The dictionary defines the whimsical as "playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way". When you combine that with holiday decor, absolute magic happens! 

Although towing the line between whimsy and madness can sometimes seem challenging, the key is to keep with a theme. Choose a scheme with three main colors and elaborate on that. Pink is always a great anchor color; it looks lovely with red and white, charming with blues and creams. 

Go big and bold when decorating the tree. Large ornaments, colorful ribbon, bright baubles and sparkly swag all have a place in whimsical decor. 

Adding several oversized pillows to your seating area is the perfect touch so you can settle in and really enjoy your happy holiday decor! 

Ultimately, the best decor is the kind that makes you smile. Whether you go with one of these trends or choose something totally different, our staff at City Home are always here to help. And from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a truly Happy Holiday!