Textile Trends: A Guide to Textured Rugs

Texture is a key element to interior design and can make the difference between a good design scheme and a great design scheme. Finding ways to incorporate texture into your design scheme can feel like a big task, but in fact, there are many furniture pieces and furnishings that can...

maximalist decor

Move over minimalism, there is a new trend in town, maximalist décor! No longer do we need to meticulously curate our spaces to only include the bare essentials, the items that “spark joy,” or pare our lifestyles back to the absolute basics. Maximalist décor is a more-is-more approach, an approach...

multifunctional interior design

 Many of us live in homes that could benefit from the installation of multifunctional spaces, spaces with a dual purpose, or even several purposes. For those of us who are limited on space, it’s important to make the most of every square inch of our homes so that we can...

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