With the July heat reaching its’ peak, we can head to the great indoors, and transform your library! There’s no better spot to relax, and curl up with your favorite book than your own library. If you’re looking to transform some extra space, or revamp your current library, you’ll want to keep reading!

Barn Door Bookcase


The first thing you’ll need, of course, is a place for your books. We love this Barn Door Bookcase, that rolls on cast iron wheels. Books are always a great piece of decor, and this bookcase is a perfect complement to any collection. It is a versatile, and mobile, piece that completes your farmhouse look, or as a strong standalone piece



Cuthbert Christy Ladder Bookshelf


If you’re looking for a more open and industrial look, our Cuthbert Christy Ladder Bookshelf is the perfect piece. Not only is there a lot of room for books, there are additional drawers for storage. You can fill that with more books, or any reading accessories you want! Complete with a functional ladder, to add to its handsome appeal.


Resin Truck Bookends
Arrow bookends


Now that you have your bookshelf, you’ll need to add your own style. Bookends are not only functional (and sometimes necessary, if you collect books like us!) but adds a touch of your personality. Bookends are an endless expression of creativity, with so many options, but we are loving our Resin Truck bookends. The colorful and rustic design adds a lot of character to a large bookshelf.

You can even choose your bookends based on the books they’re holding up! For older, more antique books, you may need a different style. We love these Cast Metal Arrow Bookends paired with beautifully bound, antique books.

Resin Hand Book Holder
Last but not least, after you’ve selected all your comfortable library elements, you may not want to hold your own book. Our Resin Hand Book Holder can help keep your place or keep your book handy for later. It can even take hold of your favorite cookbook, or tablet. Not to mention, it’s a cool conversation piece that’ll make you smile in your relaxing, library space.
Your library is a very personal space, big or small. It is an escape in your home that is just yours! There are so many ways to get creative with your decor, with form and function. Check out our site for more furniture and accessories to perfect your special space.