With summer in full swing, the days are longer and the weather is perfect for parties. When you get everyone together, we know you want everything to be perfect. Especially your decor. The details are all come together to create the perfect atmosphere. Whether you are perfecting your patio, or creating an outdoor excursion in your dining room.

Birch trees are an incredible accent, and have stunning detail. However, they are not in every yard, or available in any region. Birch sticks, stacked decoratively create a rustic vibe. They’re versatile, and can be used creatively however you want. Stacked in a jar, arranged as a neat centerpiece. Any possibility you can think of!


Birch Sticks



You may not have a garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a tin garden tote! You can use it functionally for your garden tools, or fashionably with whatever will fit in the generous divided sections. You can stack straws, napkins, and utensils for your garden party as the perfect accessory.

Table arrangement

Lighting is always an important accessory, especially if your party is running past sundown. The weather will still be perfect, but bamboo torches may ruin the vibe you tried so hard to accomplish. Our garden lantern candle stands are the best way to line your patio with candle light. Remove the top, and place your favorite candle. Maybe even a candle to keep the mosquitoes away on a warm summer night. The industrial feel will perfectly accent your other garden accessories.


Rustic style lamps


Not every accessory needs to be widely apparent to make an impact. Accent your deck or patio with the perfect place for flower accents, or even your birch branches. Flower market buckets add a vintage touch, to spruce up your deck or patio.


Aluminum can plant pots


Since you can never have enough flowers, you can never have enough stylish places to display them. Sourced from European country homes, our genuine vintage cast iron garden sink can show off your herbs, flowers, or even turn into a clever bird bath.


Stonewall mounted ceramic planter


If you fill your buckets and sink with flowers, you don’t have to maintain them with just a hose or regular watering can. Our Magnolia home Tin Petite Watering Can designed by Joanna Gaines, can definitely keeps up with the garden theme you have going on. You can use it in your everyday gardening, or showcase it as part of your decor.

Metal watering can

Of course, when throwing a garden party it is so important to have a place for people to sit, and gather. Our Oktoberfest table set promotes bonding, and conversation with your guests! Imagine sharing dinner, pouring drinks, or breaking out a card game to keep the party going. You won’t have to leave anyone without a place at the table.


Picnic table


Gatherings with friends and family are the best part of enjoying summer. However you style your party, just remember the details are important and these decor tips are perfect details to keep in mind.