Many people have a misconception about industrial decor. They think you have to commit your entire decor to that theme, and then your home will be so dark. We disagree! We have a ton of amazing industrial accessories that don’t make you commit to the theme, but they compliment so many other decor styles, and colors.


Metal balancing scale


Our timeless, and charming Aged Metal Balance Scale is a fun piece to put on your bookshelf, or desk. While it is an industrial piece, it has a vintage, aged look that will compliment a farmhouse style too! Who knew a balance scale could be rustic? But we love it!

Sofa in living room with white painted brick

In this shot, you may have trouble finding the industrial piece, but check out that big clock! This industrial Infinity Clock Frame is a fun reminder of the past, with a cool industrial feel. Not to mention, it lets your existing wall treatment shine through. If you have a colorful room, this industrial piece won’t hide a big portion of your gorgeous wall, it will complement it! You don’t have to worry about the pressure of keeping it wound, either. While this clock doesn’t tell time, it’s a wonderful reminder of the past.


Metropolis Backless Stool


Part of the industrial style, is an element of utility. These Metropolis Stools, are stackable and come in different heights depending on your bar or counter needs. Don’t need a stool? It doubles as a coffee, or end table! We love when a piece has multiple functions.


Round Metal End Table


Sometimes you have enough accessories inside. That’s no problem! This industrial Round Metal Table can be indoor, or outdoor decor. It’s the perfect solution to an awkward blank space on your porch or patio.

Brooklyn Acacia Bar

Industrial does not have to mean all metal. Distressed acacia wood is the perfect addition to an industrial accessory. This Brooklyn Acacia Bar is the perfect example. Everyone needs a sturdy, and functional bar for entertaining. With a lot of storage space with roomy shelves, you can stock your bar the right way! Can you picture this beautiful piece in your farmhouse or mid-century decor?

Industrial Trestle Chandelier

People may not look “up” in your home very often, so give them something eye-catching to change their perspective. This Industrial Trestle Chandelier from Magnolia Home makes industrial a little more literal by bringing in the railroad. It makes industrial chic, and approachable in any style home.


Ringed Table Lamp


Lastly, you can keep your lighting theme industrial with this cool Ringed Table Lamp. Visually interesting, and functional as a lamp for your desk, office, or library. The rings are movable, so feel free to get creative, or change it up! Not to mention it incorporates flawlessly with rustic, industrial, and modern decor.

No matter which theme you choose, there is always room for an industrial accessory to add an interesting element to your decor. Form, and function come together to form sturdy and timeless accessories. We have even more industrial accessories for your home at: