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Discover the perfect home accents in our selection of unique throw pillows, wall art, vases, and more.

Fern Wall Scroll

Fill your walls with these lovely fern scrolls. Printed on durable canvas and framed in wood, these scrolls are perfect for you home office, living room, or kitchen. Easily hung...
From $34 to $68
Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup Set alternate view

Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup Set

Add some spirit to your tea or coffee with these alcohol themed tea cups (Or you can always drink it straight, we don't judge). Dimensions: 4.5" L x 2.75" H  Materials:...
Reserved for the Dog Pillow - Creative Co-Op Reserved for the Dog Pillow alternate view

Reserved for the Dog Pillow

Is your pup a champion napper with amazing couch-lounging skills? Let everyone know how proud you are of these accomplishments with this fun decorative "reserved for the dog" pillow. Dimensions:...

Helping Hands Planter

This concrete-cast planter is a playful accent for your home or garden. The cupped hands carefully cradle plants, candles or whatever odds and ends you need an extra hand with....
From $19 to $22
Butterfly Wall Scroll - Creative Co-Op

Butterfly Wall Scroll

A lovely vintage-inspired butterfly scroll printed on durable canvas and framed in wood. This scroll wall art is a perfect accent to a home office, living room, or kitchen. Easily hung by sturdy and complimentary...
Bob Dylan Forever Young Quote Framed Wall Art - Creative Co-Op Bob Dylan Forever Young Quote Framed Wall Art alternate view

Bob Dylan "Forever Young" Quote Framed Wall Art

Featuring a sweet quote from Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," this framed wall art is simply inspirational. It would be a great addition to a nursery or bedroom. Dimensions:  14" L x...

Framed Bee Prints

Safely bring the beauty of bees indoors with these rustic wall hangings. In two styles featuring either the honeybee or a combo clover been and bumblebee printed on canvas for a...
From $68 to $136

Terracotta Wall Planters

Make the most of the sunny spots in your home with these colorful and compact pocket planters. The planting space in each one is large enough for a baby succulent...
From $28 to $48

Solid Wood Breadboard

These vintage-inspired cutting boards are a must-have for every kitchen. Each breadboard is unique, showing off the distinct characteristics of the natural wood grain. Available in round and rectangle styles. Dimensions: Rectangle:...
From $37 to $49
Butterfly Specimens - World Buyers

Butterfly Specimens

Transform your cocoon into a beautiful butterfly with these unique framed pieces. Sold individually.  Each specimen is unique, we'll select for you based on available stock! Dimensions: 5" L x 5" H...
Eye Chart Framed Art - Propac Eye Chart Framed Art alternate view

Eye Chart Framed Art

Cleverly designed to mimic the look of a Snellen eye chart, this textual wall art piece carries a subtle but inspiring message. If you look closely, you'll see a beautiful...
Reserved for the Cat Pillow - Creative Co-Op Reserved for the Cat Pillow alternate view

Reserved for the Cat Pillow

Leave no doubt as to who's really in charge around your house. With a balance of clean, modern design and sweet sentiment, this accent pillow makes an ideal gift for...

Abstract Floral Wall Art

Simple black-and-white abstract art is offset with a wood frame to create the perfect blend of modern style and organic warmth. Dimensions: 27.5" L x 39.25" H Materials: wood frame with...
From $170 to $340
Resin Sheep Planter Resin Sheep Planter alternate view

Resin Sheep Planter

Get this sweet, storybook sheep planter to accent a bistro or coffee table. Happy heard of sheep will carry indoor plants and mimic growing fur as the plants grow taller!...

Neon Portrait Wall Art

The Neon Portrait Wall Art is one of our best-selling pieces, it's a total showstopper! These Giclee prints have a textured finish that makes them look like they were painted...
Marble Chain Decor - Bloomingville Marble Chain Décor alternate view

Marble Chain Décor

This decorative accent can add some interest and dimension to any bookshelf or coffee table. Dimensions: 13" L Materials: white marble  
Black & White Stoneware Bowl Set Black & White Stoneware Bowl Set alternate view

Black & White Stoneware Bowl Set

Add some flair to your kitchen dishes with these eye-catching stoneware bowls, each with a funky pattern and electroplated rim.  Dimensions: 5" L x 5" W x 2.75" H Material: stoneware Sold as a set...
Stoneware Coaster - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Coaster alternate view

Stoneware Coaster

These stoneware coasters come glazed in 12 assorted styles, making them both a colorful and functional table accessory. Dimensions: 4" W Sold individually  Your order will be a random assortment of the...

Stoneware Brie Baker with Wood Spreader

This beautiful brie baker stands up to the oven. It is a beautiful way to show off a delicious appetizer! Available in two colors. Dimensions: 7" W x 3" H...
From $14 to $28

Patterned Stoneware Planter

Sporting a chic black-and-white abstract motif and elevated by four little feet, this pot is a suitable vessel for your favorite plant. Give it pride of place in a prominent location so...

Gathered Thoughts

Keep a year's worth of famous quotations on hand to inspire you and start conversations with guests. Housed in an attractively rustic box, these cards show 365 different inspirational quotes that you can...
Dipped Branch Ladder - Creative Co-Op Dipped Branch Ladder alternate view

Dipped Branch Ladder

The dipped branch ladder is a fresh way to get organized in style. Décor and storage rack in one, this ladder can be used from bedroom to bathroom to kitchen. With...
Paperweight Magnifying Glass - Creative Co-Op Paperweight Magnifying Glass alternate view

Paperweight Magnifying Glass

Dive into your favorite escape with this round paperweight and magnifying glass. Compact and easy to use, this multi-functional accessory is the perfect addition to any home library, office, schoolroom,...
Framed Canvas Photo Print - Donkey - Creative Co-Op Framed Canvas Photo Print alternate view

Framed Canvas Photo Print

A sweet expression and rustic feel makes this donkey photo the ideal wall art to add on-theme cheer to a rustic or modern farmhouse space. Dimensions: 38.75" L x 28.75" H...
Metal Heart w/ Reclaimed Wood Base - Sugarboo & Co. Metal Heart with Reclaimed Wood Base alternate view

Metal Heart with Reclaimed Wood Base

Add a heavy dose of love and happiness to your home with this decorative heart sculpture. Featuring a label that roughly translates to "happily ever after" in French, this is...
Alphabet and Numbers Wall Scroll - Creative Co-Op

Alphabet and Numbers Wall Scroll

This hanging Alphabet and Numbers scroll is perfect for nurseries, kid's rooms, and playrooms. Comes ready to hang on the wall. Dimensions: 31" L x 39" H Materials: canvas, wood
6 ft. Ruler Kid's Growth Chart - Creative Co-Op

6 ft. Ruler Kid's Growth Chart

This chalkboard growth chart features a weathered design of foot and inch marks up to six feet in height. Perfect for a child's room or fun décor for a craft room...
Sun Please Lumbar Pillow - Creative Co-Op Sun Please Lumbar Pillow alternate view

"Sun Please" Lumbar Pillow

Colorful and cushy, this lumbar pillow asks for a little extra sunshine in your home. The woven cotton has a shaggy, punch hook texture. Dimensions: 28" L x 14" H Materials:...

Marble Bowl with Brass Spoon

Sold individually, these tiny marble bowls are perfect for keeping salt, pepper and other seasonings on your dining table. You can also use them for olive oil, spice blends, sugar...
Stoneware Berry Basket - Set of 4 in Gray-Green Gradient - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Berry Basket alternate view

Stoneware Berry Basket

Perfect for displaying your fresh-picked berries and other summer fruit, these ceramic containers mimic the style of iconic farm stand berry containers. Unlike those paper baskets, though, these are washable...
Hand-Painted Stoneware Hedgehog Measuring Cup Set - Creative Co-Op Hedgehog Measuring Cup Set alternate view

Hedgehog Measuring Cup Set

Combining the adorable with the functional, these hedgehog measuring cups are a fun addition to the normal kitchen accessories. This set comes with 4 measuring cups in the following sizes:...
Cast Iron Rabbit Head Shaped Bookends - City Home - Portland Oregon - Furniture and Home Decor Cast Iron Rabbit Head Bookends alternate view

Cast Iron Rabbit Head Bookends

Let your tea drinking, rabbit chasing, rose smelling inner Alice in Wonderland soar with our favorite whimsical bookends. Perfect to organize your books in a quirky, imaginative and playful way....
Bird of Paradise Faux Plant - Allstate Floral Bird of Paradise Faux Plant alternate view

Bird of Paradise Faux Plant

This large Bird of Paradise Faux Plant will never need a drop of water or pruning. For those that want an authentic looking palm tree without the work, this beauty is exactly...
Swiss Cross Pillow Swiss Cross Pillow alternate view

Swiss Cross Pillow

This cross pillow instantly upgrades any couch or chair, and catches the eye effortlessly with black base and cream Swiss cross. Made out of a wool blend, this pillow brings...

Sheepskin Fur Shag Rug

Warm up your home with a sheepskin rug/throw. These ultra-plush and soft rugs are super versatile. Use as a throw over a chair, a statement piece on your dining table,...

Piper Round Mirror

Piper's sleek round geometry makes a bold addition to modern spaces. It looks great both on its own or in a pair.  Dimensions: Black - 47" Diameter, Gold - 36"...
From $273 to $348
Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Decoration - City Home - Portland Oregon - Furniture and Home Decor Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Décor alternate view

Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Décor

This cast iron heart and arrow figure is the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. Use as a paperweight or layer with some books on your shelf...
Love Wool Shag Lumbar Pillow - Creative Co-Op Love Wool Shag Lumbar Pillow alternate view

"Love" Wool Shag Lumbar Pillow

Add some funky retro texture to your home with this adorable wool shag "LOVE" pillow. We are loving this contemporary take on 70's shag, it's so fun! Dimensions: 24" L x...
Hand-Carved Heart Bowl - Creative Co-Op Hand-Carved Heart Bowl alternate view

Hand-Carved Heart Bowl

This hand-carved wood tray makes the perfect catchall for keys, jewelry or whatever other odds and ends life throws at you. Add a touch of rustic charm to any table...

Hand-Poured Soy Candles

Made from natural wax, soy and cotton, these candles are a clean-burning, long-lasting treat. Their neutral color, mason jar containers and galvanized metal lids make them a natural accent in...
XOXOXO Pillow - Creative Co-Op


Whether it's tic-tac-toe or hugs and kisses, this pillow sends a playful message with a minimalist edge. The neutral color palette and long bolster profile make this pillow versatile for...
Resin Cricket - Creative Co-Op Resin Cricket alternate view

Resin Cricket

Quirky and cute, this decorative cricket is great for those with a love of natural history. It can also be a sophisticated reminder to let your conscience be your guide....
Kilim Coasters - Wild Shaman Kilim Coasters alternate view

Kilim Coasters

These one-of-a-kind, handmade kilim coasters are unique touch to any table top. Made from vintage Turkish kilims and rugs sourced from villages all over Turkey. Locally crafted in Portland, Oregon....
Fragile Like a Bomb Throw Pillow - Splashworks

Fragile Like a Bomb Throw Pillow

She was not fragile like a flower, She was fragile like a bomb... throw pillow! Dimensions: 23" W x 15" H
Butterfly Triple Specimens - World Buyers

Butterfly Triple Specimens

Transform you cocoon into a beautiful butterfly with these unique framed pieces. Includes three unique butterflies in one frame.  Each specimen is unique, we'll select for you based on available stock!...
Cement Face Decor - Bloomingville Cement Face Decor alternate view

Cement Face Decor

Sculptural art for your home office or display case. Dimensions: 6” L x 7.25” W x 8.25” H Materials: cement
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