Decorative Objects

Whether your style is industrial, whimsical, or anywhere in between, express your home's personality with something from our collection of vases, sculptures, clocks, and more.

Windlass Bookends - Pendulux Windlass Bookends alternate view

Windlass Bookends

Set sail with these miniature versions these Windless Bookends. Forged of polished cast aluminum and brass. The heavy iron base and operational hand wheel and screw will make your bookshelf...
Terracotta Vases — Set of 3 - Creative Co-Op Terracotta Vases alternate view

Terracotta Vases

Charmingly rustic, these minimalistic terracotta vases have a handmade look and feel that's balanced out by glossy gray and white glaze in a simple, modern design. Display these graduated-size vases as...
Cast Iron Rabbit Head Shaped Bookends - City Home - Portland Oregon - Furniture and Home Decor Cast Iron Rabbit Head Bookends alternate view

Cast Iron Rabbit Head Bookends

Let your tea drinking, rabbit chasing, rose smelling inner Alice in Wonderland soar with our favorite whimsical bookends. Perfect to organize your books in a quirky, imaginative and playful way....
Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Decoration - City Home - Portland Oregon - Furniture and Home Decor Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Décor alternate view

Cast Iron Heart and Arrow Décor

This cast iron heart and arrow figure is the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. Use as a paperweight or layer with some books on your shelf...
Ray Gun Bookends - Pendulux Ray Gun Bookends alternate view

Ray Gun Bookends

ZAP! These retro-futuristic bookends are sturdy and beautiful. Perfect for fans of classic sci-fi and for kids with big imaginations. Dimensions: 8.5" L x 3.5" W x 8.5" H Weight: 6.35 lbs.  Materials:...
Boat in a Bottle Kit - Authentic Models

Boat in a Bottle Kit

Know someone who loves working with tiny things? This model-building kit allows its user to make a tiny sailboat model that can fit inside a provided bottle.  Suitable for ages...

Motorola Brick Cell Phone

With its chunky, retro profile modeled after the iconic Motorola brick cell phone, this sculpture is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. Beyond its nostalgic quality, this...
From $65 to $67
Karl Robot Table Clock - Pendulux Karl Robot Table Clock alternate view

Karl Robot Table Clock

Straight out of the future, Karl the Robot Table Clock stands (or sits) as a friendly sentinel on your desk or side table. Cast in heavy polished aluminum and sporting...
Aluminum Cockpit Desk Clock - Pendulux Aluminum Cockpit Desk Clock alternate view

Aluminum Cockpit Desk Clock

Take to the skies with this Cockpit Table Clock. Cast directly from an original WWII USAF steering yoke, this table clock features a vintage aircraft instrument dial and hands to...
Ceramic Phrenology Head Desk Model - Authentic Models

Ceramic Phrenology Head Desk Model

Designed after models used by Victorian era doctors, this phrenology head has a polished look giving a modern vibe to a classic science and medicine tool. Dimensions 6.5" L x 5.5" W x 11.4" H...
Resin Cricket - Creative Co-Op Resin Cricket alternate view

Resin Cricket

Quirky and cute, this decorative cricket is great for those with a love of natural history. It can also be a sophisticated reminder to let your conscience be your guide....
Things Paperweight - Sugarboo & Co.

Things Paperweight

Keep a note of encouragement on your desk or coffee table with this sweet paperweight. Made of glass, it has a slightly magnifying effect on the design. Perfect as a...
Love You Paperweight - Sugarboo & Co.

Love You Paperweight

The sweet message on this simple, decorative glass paperweight reads "I love you everywhere and anywhere. Inside and outside and inside out. Top to bottom and bottom to top, my...

Zinc Frames

Keep your home décor consistently fresh and new with these simple and chic zinc frames. You can open them and fill them with whatever will fit, from pressed flowers to...
Metal Heart w/ Reclaimed Wood Base - Sugarboo & Co.

Metal Heart with Reclaimed Wood Base

Add a heavy dose of love and happiness to your home with this decorative heart sculpture. Featuring a label that roughly translates to "happily ever after" in French, this is...
Laying Mermaid Wood Statue - Blue Ocean Traders Laying Mermaid Wood Statue alternate view

Laying Mermaid Wood Statue

Inspired by antique maritime art, these hand-carved, hand-painted mermaid statues are a fun addition to any space. These special pieces are carved from a block of wood, painted with gesso...

Cow Horn Décor

Great idea for a housewarming gift, hard to shop for guys, cowboys or anyone interested in taxidermy. The most popular locations our customers display this work of art include doorways,...

Canvas Book Storage Box Sets

These box boxes are a great place to store keepsakes like photos or organize jewelry. Use them as a unique gift box for the book lover in your life, or...
Speedster Table or Wall Clock - Pendulux Speedster Table or Wall Clock alternate view

Speedster Table or Wall Clock

A faithful timepiece replica of a steering wheel used in a 1960s British sports car. The red face is even patterned after a speedometer taken from a car of the...
Cement Face Decor - Bloomingville

Cement Face Decor

Sculptural art for your home office or display case. Dimensions: 6” L x 7.25” W x 8.25” H Materials: cement
Marble Chain Decor - Bloomingville Marble Chain Décor alternate view

Marble Chain Décor

This decorative accent can add some interest and dimension to any bookshelf or coffee table. Dimensions: 13" L Materials: white marble  
Hand-Carved Heart Bowl - Creative Co-Op Hand-Carved Heart Bowl alternate view

Hand-Carved Heart Bowl

This hand-carved wood tray makes the perfect catchall for keys, jewelry or whatever other odds and ends life throws at you. Add a touch of rustic charm to any table...
Amis pour la Vie (Friends for Life) Paperweight - Sugarboo & Co. Amis pour la Vie Paperweight alternate view

Amis pour la Vie Paperweight

Backordered until May 2022 This simple paperweight is a good reminder of what's really important. It makes a great gift for lifelong friends! Dimensions: 4" H Material: glass This item ships free!...
Electroplated Astronaut Figure - Mercana Electroplated Astronaut Figure alternate view

Electroplated Astronaut Figure

This trendy ceramic astronaut is finished in an electroplated oil polish, giving it an attention-grabbing mirror finish. Dimensions: 4” L x 3.5” W x 10” H Materials: electroplated ceramic
Davy Table Clock - Uttermost Davy Table Clock alternate view

Davy Table Clock

A minimalists dream, the Davy Table Clock is both sleek and functional. It features a steel construction, finished in antique brass with black accents. Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Dimensions: 19" L x 9" W...
Fleming Wall Clock - Uttermost Fleming Wall Clock alternate view

Fleming Wall Clock

The Fleming Wall Clock is a statement piece that is both functional and stylish. Featuring a dark bronze frame with nail head accents and a bright white face with antique brass...
Missing Link Wooden Chain - Blue Ocean Traders Missing Link Wooden Chain alternate view

Missing Link Wooden Chain

The Missing Link Chain is made of carved wood that adds a soft, nature-inspired element to any space. Use as a table topper or wall décor!  Dimensions: 59" L x 4.5" W
Dax Natural Teak Sculpture - Moe's Dax Natural Teak Sculpture alternate view

Dax Natural Teak Sculpture

Made from a solid reclaimed teak plank and mounted to a marble slab, this accent piece is a work of organic art that is sure to turn heads. Each one is...
Vintage Painted Furniture Panel - Blue Ocean Traders

Vintage Painted Furniture Panel

Vintage dresser drawer fronts have been restored to make gorgeous pieces wall art or standalone décor. Delicately hand-painted in one-of-a-kind designs, they are available in assorted sizes. Since each one...
Reclaimed Pillar Pedestal - Blue Ocean Traders Reclaimed Pillar Pedestal alternate view

Reclaimed Pillar Pedestal

Add texture and classic antiquity to your home with a funky Reclaimed Pillar Pedestal. Each one is made of the bases and columns of authentic vintage Indian capitals. Each one is...
Silver Robot Figure - Mercana Silver Robot Figure alternate view

Silver Robot Figure

This unique Robot Figure is crafted from ceramic with a spectacular silver polish! Inspired by 1950's robot visuals, it will look great as an office display piece.  Dimensions: 4.3" L x 3.3" W x...
Ceramic Abstract Vase - 2 Sizes - Mercana Ceramic Abstract Vase alternate view

Ceramic Abstract Vase

We love this artsy ceramic vase. It has such a fun texture, and is finished in a gorgeous eggshell color. It will definitely add a pop to your home décor. Dimensions: 7.9" L...
Standing Mermaid Wood Statue - Blue Ocean Traders Standing Mermaid Wood Statue alternate view

Standing Mermaid Wood Statue

You need this for your beach house, or maybe you just need it for your backyard because it's so amazing. Inspired by old-school maritime sculptures, this piece is meticulously hand-carved...
Magnifying Glass on Stand - UMA Magnifying Glass on Stand alternate view

Magnifying Glass on Stand

We love this piece, it feels so old school. You can really put this piece anywhere, but we could definitely see this as office décor. Dimensions: 8" L x 8" W x...

Textural Porcelain Vase

Add a bit of modern ceramics to your home, with these lovely porcelain vases. The cylindrical vases feature a subtle teardrop pattern that creates stunning texture. These vases are finished in a...
From $48 to $59
Marble Minimalist Bookends - Bloomingville

Marble Minimalist Bookends

These minimalist marble bookends are a modern classic, the perfect pair to go with your beautiful books.  Dimensions: 3" L x 2" W x 6" H Materials: marble Set of two This item...
1920's Globe - Authentic Models

1920's Globe

Standing on an Art Deco-era bronze base, this globe is an authentic replica of a globe from the 1920s.  Dimensions: 12.6” W x 19.7” H Materials: ebonized wood, bronze
Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand - Pendulux Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand alternate view

Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand

Backordered until April 2022 A collaboration of old and new, this Microphone Stand is reminiscent of 1940s showbiz in a flourish of polished cast aluminum. Based on the seminal microphone of the time, this base...
Artisan Book - Sugarboo & Co. Artisan Book alternate view

Artisan Book

Give it as a gift, keep it for yourself to sketch your life, use it as a guestbook in a vacation home...this large, vintage-styled notebook can handle it all. Dimensions:...
Bob Dylan Forever Young Quote Framed Wall Art - Creative Co-Op Bob Dylan Forever Young Quote Framed Wall Art alternate view

Bob Dylan "Forever Young" Quote Framed Wall Art

Featuring a sweet quote from Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," this framed wall art is simply inspirational. It would be a great addition to a nursery or bedroom. Dimensions:  14" L x...
Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass - Creative Co-Op

Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass

Made in the style of handled opera glasses, these binocular magnifying glasses have a classic look and feel. Use them as a paperweight on your desk or as part of...
Butterfly Double Specimens - World Buyers

Butterfly Double Specimens

Transform your cocoon into a beautiful butterfly with these unique framed pieces. Sold individually, each one has two inlayed butterflies.  Dimensions: 5" L x 7" H This item ships free! Each...
Butterfly Specimens - World Buyers

Butterfly Specimens

Transform your cocoon into a beautiful butterfly with these unique framed pieces. Sold individually. Dimensions: 5" L x 5" H This item ships free! Each specimen is unique, we'll select for you...
Butterfly Triple Specimens - World Buyers

Butterfly Triple Specimens

Transform you cocoon into a beautiful butterfly with these unique framed pieces. Includes three unique butterflies in one frame. Dimensions: 5" L x 9" H This item ships free! Each specimen is...
Cast Iron Beehive Bookends - Creative Co-Op Cast Iron Beehive Bookends alternate view

Cast Iron Beehive Bookends

Get busy reading (or at least displaying your books in an orderly fashion)! These small but heavy cast-iron bookends will help keep things in place Dimensions: 3.75" L x 4.75" H ...
Endeavour Model Ship - Authentic Models

Endeavour Model Ship

Capture the spirit of the sea with this model of Endeavour a real 130-foot J-class yacht built in the 1930s. The Endeavour sailed in the America's Cup race in 1934.  Dimensions:...

Gathered Thoughts

Keep a year's worth of famous quotations on hand to inspire you and start conversations with guests. Housed in an attractively rustic box, these cards show 365 different inspirational quotes that you can...
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