Faux Plants & Planters

All the greenery with none of the upkeep. We carry a selection of beautiful planters and faux plants including faux olive trees, fiddle leaf fig trees, and succulents.

Terracotta Wall Planters

Make the most of the sunny spots in your home with these colorful and compact pocket planters. The planting space in each one is large enough for a baby succulent...
From $32 to $48
Terracotta Wall Planter - Creative Co-Op

Terracotta Wall Planter

This terracotta ceramic wall planter is textured to give it a unique and hand-crafted feel. The perfect hanging planter for air plants, small succulents or vining plants! Dimensions: 5.5" W...

Helping Hands Planter

This concrete-cast planter is a playful accent for your home or garden. The cupped hands carefully cradle plants, candles or whatever odds and ends you need an extra hand with....
From $16 to $22
Macramé Pocket Wall Hanging - Creative Co-Op Macramé Pocket Wall Hanging alternate view

Macramé Pocket Wall Hanging

Give your favorite plant a bohemian home with this macramé wall hanging. Beautifully and elegantly display a potted succulent, fern, or flowers.  Perfect for any bohemian home or office. Dimensions:...
Resin Sheep Planter Resin Sheep Planter alternate view

Resin Sheep Planter

Get this sweet, storybook sheep planter to accent a bistro or coffee table. Happy heard of sheep will carry indoor plants and mimic growing fur as the plants grow taller!...

Patterned Stoneware Planter

Sporting a chic black-and-white abstract motif and elevated by four little feet, this pot is a suitable vessel for your favorite plant. Give it pride of place in a prominent location so...
Stoneware Planter w/ Wood Stand - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Planter with Wood Stand alternate view

Stoneware Planter with Wood Stand

Whether real or faux, plants of all kinds will look great in this pretty pot. The wood stand embraces midcentury aesthetic and provides a practical function, lifting the pot to...
Glass Planter w/ Natural Wood Base - Creative Co-Op Glass Planter with Wood Base alternate view

Glass Planter with Wood Base

These beautiful terrarium planters are made by draping a hot glass form over the natural peaks and valleys of a rough wooden base. The result is a beautiful transition from...

Patio Standing Pot

These standing pots are great for indoor or outdoor plant display. The pot has a flecked cement appearance, and is made of ficonstone which is a sturdy yet lightweight blend...
From $123 to $156

3' Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Backordered until April 2022 Add some gorgeous greenery to your space, no watering required! This zero-maintenance plant is a great option for those who want some botanical accents but don't...
41 Faux String of Pearl Pick - Creative Co-Op 41 Faux String of Pearl Pick alternate view

41" Faux String of Pearl Pick

IN STOCK A versatile faux succulent that you can drape all over! Would look incredible on a mantle, or as a pop of color in a hanging or wall planter. ...

7' Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (pruned)

A home isn't a home without some greenery. Warm up any space with this Fiddle Leaf Fern Tree, which provides the feeling of a live plant without the maintenance!  Perfect...
From $319 to $638

Bird of Paradise Faux Plant

This large Bird of Paradise Faux Plant will never need a drop of water or pruning. For those that want an authentic looking palm tree without the work, this beauty is exactly...

Faux Cactus Plant with Pot

Backordered until June 2022 Stunningly beautiful, this cactus artificial plant with pot will never need water or pruning. Whether displayed in your living room or in a covered patio setting...
Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Pot—36 inches Tall - Creative Co-Op Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Pot alternate view

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Pot

Fiddle leaf fig trees are beautiful, with broad glossy leaves that look stylish in any space. This faux plant allows you to bring this trendy plant home, even if you...
7' Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Allstate Floral

7' Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Backordered until April 2022 A home isn't a home without some greenery. Warm up any space with this Fiddle Leaf Fern Tree. Provides the feeling of a live plant without...
Faux Peperomia Plant - UMA Faux Peperomia Plant alternate view

Faux Peperomia Plant

A perfect little plant that you can use to use to brighten your space, it's the ideal size for a desk plant, and no sunlight required.  Approx. 13.5" H
Evita Outdoor Plant Stand - Four Hands Evita Outdoor Plant Stand alternate view

Evita Outdoor Plant Stand

The Evita Plant Stand will bring your outdoor area to the next level, it's just one of those pieces! We love that it's customizable, so you can decide what configuration...

Faux 7'9" Olive Tree

Standing at nearly 8' tall, this faux Olive Tree is such a fun statement piece. It brings a subtle earthy dimensionality, and the best part is that it's maintenance free....
Faux Olive Branch - Creative Co-Op Faux Olive Branch alternate view

Faux Olive Branch

Extend an olive branch... literally! We love these faux olive branches for a pop of earthy green in any space.  Dimensions: 36"H Materials: Plastic
Bunsen Black Test Tube Vase Bunsen Black Test Tube Vase alternate view

Bunsen Black Test Tube Vase

The Bunsen vase is a beautiful piece that adds a trendy accent to your space. The Bunsen, skillfully crafted from metal with glass tubes, is a beautiful and unique addition to...
Handmade Swiss Cross Planter Handmade Swiss Cross Planter alternate view

Handmade Swiss Cross Planter

This brilliant stoneware planter with saucer and wax relief white Swiss cross comes in a set of two. Beautifully detailed stonework makes this container an eye-catching piece in any home...
Distressed planter with saucer Distressed Planter with Saucer alternate view

Distressed Planter with Saucer

Add a pop of color and greenery to your space with this distressed yellow terracotta planter. Small enough to add to a shelf or to a vignette of decorative objects,...
Terracotta Planter with Raised Dots Terracotta Planter with Raised Dots alternate view

Terracotta Planter with Raised Dots

With its cheery chartreuse color and raised dots around the brim, this planter makes for a perfect pop of color and personality. Crafted from terracotta. 10-1/2" Round x 9"H
Reactive glaze stoneware watering can Reactive Glaze Watering Can alternate view

Reactive Glaze Watering Can

Water your plants in style with this charming watering can. Crafted from stoneware with a reactive glaze, each one is unique. Dimensions: 10-1/2"L x 5-3/4"W x 5"H Capacity: 1 quart
Stoneware reactive glaze planters with wooden stands Stoneware Planter with Wood Stand, Set of 2 alternate view

Stoneware Planter with Wood Stand, Set of 2

This set of planters feature minimalist wooden stands with reactive glazed pots in an earthy hue. Perfect for holding small plants (or even displaying an air plant or two), these...
Terracotta Footed Planter Terracotta Footed Planter alternate view

Terracotta Footed Planter

Up the style factor of the greenery in your home with a glazed terracotta planter. This planter features a soothing neutral tone and organic texture that make it a breeze...
Stoneware Planters — 2 Sizes - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Planters alternate view

Stoneware Planters

Give your plants a stylish place to live with these patterned stoneware planters, available in sizes small and large. With their black-and-white color scheme and clean, geometric lines, these planters...
Faux lemon tree in cement pot 14 Faux Lemon Tree in Cement Pot alternate view

14" Faux Lemon Tree in Cement Pot

Brighten up any corner, table, or shelf with this sweet faux lemon tree. At 28" tall it's enough to add a burst of greenery to your decor. Dimensions: 14" Round...
Wax Relief dot planter with handles Wax Relief Dot Planter with Handles alternate view

Wax Relief Dot Planter with Handles

This planter features handles and a dot pattern created using a wax resist technique. The combination of cheerful orange and neutral cement makes this planter the perfect way to add...
Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter alternate view

Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter

Sometimes simplicity is best. This hobnail planter in a dotted, distressed texture in a warm neutral sand color is the perfect complement to any plant. 7.6" round x 8.9" high...
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