Unique Gifts

Our collection of unique home gifts is perfect for housewarming parties, wedding showers, holidays, and more.

Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup Set alternate view

Stoneware Spirit Tea Cup Set

Add some spirit to your tea or coffee with these alcohol themed tea cups (Or you can always drink it straight, we don't judge). Dimensions: 4.5" L x 2.75" H  Materials:...
Metal and Resin Pig Paper Towel Holder - City Home - Portland Oregon - Furniture and Home Decor

Pig Paper Towel Holder

This adorable farm animal pig paper towel holder will add that whimsical and fun touch to your farmhouse or country home  We love it for your farmhouse kitchen or as a feature at your summer BBQ...
Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass alternate view

Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass

Made in the style of handled opera glasses, these binocular magnifying glasses have a classic look and feel. Use them as a paperweight on your desk or as part of...
Metal Heart w/ Reclaimed Wood Base - Sugarboo & Co. Metal Heart with Reclaimed Wood Base alternate view

Metal Heart with Reclaimed Wood Base

Add a heavy dose of love and happiness to your home with this decorative heart sculpture. Featuring a label that roughly translates to "happily ever after" in French, this is...
Cast Iron Beehive Bookends - Creative Co-Op Cast Iron Beehive Bookends alternate view

Cast Iron Beehive Bookends

Get busy reading (or at least displaying your books in an orderly fashion)! These small but heavy cast-iron bookends will help keep things in place Dimensions: 3.75" L x 4.75" H ...
Kilim Coasters - Wild Shaman Kilim Coasters alternate view

Kilim Coasters

These one-of-a-kind, handmade kilim coasters are unique touch to any table top. Made from vintage Turkish kilims and rugs sourced from villages all over Turkey. Locally crafted in Portland, Oregon....
Cement Face Decor - Bloomingville Cement Face Decor alternate view

Cement Face Decor

Sculptural art for your home office or display case. Dimensions: 6” L x 7.25” W x 8.25” H Materials: cement
Resin Cricket - Creative Co-Op Resin Cricket alternate view

Resin Cricket

Quirky and cute, this decorative cricket is great for those with a love of natural history. It can also be a sophisticated reminder to let your conscience be your guide....
Ray Gun Bookends - Pendulux Ray Gun Bookends alternate view

Ray Gun Bookends

ZAP! These retro-futuristic bookends are sturdy and beautiful. Perfect for fans of classic sci-fi and for kids with big imaginations. Dimensions: 8.5" L x 3.5" W x 8.5" H Weight: 6.35 lbs.  Materials:...
Silver Robot Figure - Mercana Silver Robot Figure alternate view

Silver Robot Figure

This unique Robot Figure is crafted from ceramic with a spectacular silver polish! Inspired by 1950's robot visuals, it will look great as an office display piece.  Dimensions: 4.3" L x 3.3" W x...
Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand - Pendulux Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand alternate view

Aluminum Microphone Phone Stand

Backordered until Late-August 2022 A collaboration of old and new, this Microphone Stand is reminiscent of 1940s showbiz in a flourish of polished cast aluminum. Based on the seminal microphone of the time, this base supports...
Vintage Seltzer Bottle - Blue Ocean Traders Vintage Seltzer Bottle alternate view

Vintage Seltzer Bottle

Give your home bar or kitchen an authentic look with these salvaged vintage seltzer bottles, which have retired from their previous lives in Eastern European bars. Each one is unique...

D-Bodhi Magazine Wall Art

This D-Bodhi Magazine Wall Art features vibrant, eye-catching colors from folded up magazines! This textural and colorful design makes the D-Bodhi a great statement wall décor piece. Available in two sizes....
From $97 to $276
Heart LED Neon Wall Light - Amped & Co. Heart LED Neon Wall Light alternate view

Heart LED Neon Wall Light

Bring home the love with our LED heart wall light. Can be hung and plugged into any outlet, adding an Instagram worthy glow to any room. Includes low voltage DC adapter, wall mounting...
Microphone Pencil Holder - Pendulux Microphone Pencil Holder alternate view

Microphone Pencil Holder

Based on the microphone that defined the 1940s, our Microphone Pencil Holder has an authentic look and feel with its polished solid cast aluminum and brass trim. Bring the retro...

Canvas Book Storage Box Sets

These box boxes are a great place to store keepsakes like photos or organize jewelry. Use them as a unique gift box for the book lover in your life, or...
Stoneware Owl Vase - 3 Styles - Creative Co-Op Stoneware Owl Vase alternate view

Stoneware Owl Vase

Whooo wants the perfect little bud vase? These petite owls so cute and are finished with a reactive glaze that gives each one a unique character. Dimensions: 3.25" L x 4-5" H  Materials: stoneware...
Hanging Heart Peace Sign - Sugarboo & Co.

Hanging Heart Peace Sign

This simple symbol has endured for decades, signifying the human desire for peace on Earth. Hang this peaceful reminder in your home, or give as a gift to someone whose...
Love LED Neon Wall Light - Amped & Co. Love LED Neon Wall Light alternate view

Love LED Neon Wall Light

This wall light is made from a special type of flexible LED designed to mimic the real glow of neon. With a bright light and great cursive design, we promise...

Vintage Style Light Up Signs

Light up your home with these light up signs. Perfect for an office, living space, or reading nook.  Archives: Curly Que Font and cedar wood frame with a black finish and patterned...
From $124 to $138
Wax Relief dot planter with handles Wax Relief Dot Planter with Handles alternate view

Wax Relief Dot Planter with Handles

This planter features handles and a dot pattern created using a wax resist technique. The combination of cheerful orange and neutral cement makes this planter the perfect way to add...
Hustle Neon Light - Amped & Co. Hustle Neon Light alternate view

Hustle Neon Light

Grind & shine with the Hustle Neon Light. This hand-crafted real neon light is made of glass and mounted to a sleek cylindrical base for ease of display. Includes low voltage 12V...
Speedster Table or Wall Clock - Pendulux Speedster Table or Wall Clock alternate view

Speedster Table or Wall Clock

A faithful timepiece replica of a steering wheel used in a 1960s British sports car. The red face is even patterned after a speedometer taken from a car of the...

Pugilist Leather Punching Bag

Add a unique, old-timey masculine touch to your home with these vintage reproduction leather punching bags. Available in two sizes.  Dimensions: Large: 15” Diameter x 39” H Small: 11" Diameter...
From $240 to $428
Laying Mermaid Wood Statue - Blue Ocean Traders Laying Mermaid Wood Statue alternate view

Laying Mermaid Wood Statue

Inspired by antique maritime art, these hand-carved, hand-painted mermaid statues are a fun addition to any space. These special pieces are carved from a block of wood, painted with gesso...

Magical Ladies Art Collection

Beautiful and slightly surreal, these lovely art prints feature dreamy portraits of imagined ladies surrounded by magic. A series of 5 prints; each sold separately. Dimensions  Swift Encounter: 29" W x 23"...
From $124 to $158
Washington Dining Chair w/Burlap Back - HTD Washington Dining Chair with Burlap Back alternate view

Washington Dining Chair with Burlap Back

Featuring a modernized portrait of the USA's first president, George Washington, this dining chair is a fun departure from the norm. Use as a side chair in an office or living...
Iron Wings Wall Decor - Moe's Iron Wings Wall Décor alternate view

Iron Wings Wall Décor

Make a statement. These wings adds a bold look to any space. Whether you're wanting to add a photo-op or angelic piece of wall décor, these wings have your back. Dimensions: 54" L...
Ceramic Phrenology Head Desk Model - Authentic Models Ceramic Phrenology Head Desk Model alternate view

Ceramic Phrenology Head Desk Model

Designed after models used by Victorian era doctors, this phrenology head has a polished look giving a modern vibe to a classic science and medicine tool. Dimensions 6.5" L x 5.5" W x 11.4" H...

Boxer Art on Reclaimed Metal

This vintage-inspired champion art features oil painted boxers on reclaimed tin. Two styles available: one gentleman with fantastic eyebrows and the other with an enviable handlebar mustache. Hang both facing each other to...
Cactus Neon Light - Amped & Co. Cactus Neon Light alternate view

Cactus Neon Light

Give your room a southwestern flair with a retro cactus neon light. The hand-crafted real neon light is made of glass and mounted to a sleek cylindrical base for ease of display. ...
Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter alternate view

Sandstone Distressed Hobnail Planter

Sometimes simplicity is best. This hobnail planter in a dotted, distressed texture in a warm neutral sand color is the perfect complement to any plant. 7.6" round x 8.9" high...
Fishing bookends Fishing Bookends alternate view

Fishing Bookends

These bookends feature life-sized fishing reels crafted from aluminum and brass, then mounted on sturdy cast iron bases. The perfect gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life. Dimensions: 4"...
Transmitter table clock showing clock face and knobs Transmitter Table Clock alternate view

Transmitter Table Clock

Artistically crafted from wood, aluminum, and brass, this unique table clock is inspired by early 20th century radio transmitters. Among its decorative knobs, side vents, and rivets it features an...
Microscope stand Microscope Stand alternate view

Microscope Stand

Modelled after 19th century microscopes, this Microscope Stand from Pendulux makes a charming desk accessory or phone/tablet holder. Dimensions: 8” H x 5.5” W x 5.5” D Materials: aluminum, cast...
Missing Link Wooden Chain Missing Link Wooden Chain alternate view

Missing Link Wooden Chain

The Missing Link Chain is made of carved wood that adds a soft, nature-inspired element to any space. Use as a table topper or wall décor!  Dimensions: 59" L x 4.5" W
Diamond Neon Light - Amped & Co. Diamond Neon Light alternate view

Diamond Neon Light

Shine bright like a diamond with this blingy neon light! The hand-crafted real neon light is made of glass and mounted to a sleek cylindrical base for ease of display....
Hashtag Neon Light - Amped & Co. Hashtag Neon Light alternate view

Hashtag Neon Light

#WeLoveNeon! This cute Hashtag Neon Light is perfect lighting option social media queens! The hand-crafted real neon light is made of glass and mounted to a sleek cylindrical base for...
1920's Globe 1920's Globe alternate view

1920's Globe

Standing on an Art Deco-era bronze base, this globe is an authentic replica of a globe from the 1920s.  Dimensions: 12.6” W x 19.7” H Materials: ebonized wood, bronze
Small Vaugondy Globe - Black - Authentic Models

Small Vaugondy Globe

This small, decorative globe is an accurate replica of an original 18th-century model created by the Vaugondy cartography company.  Dimensions: 7.1” W Listing is for the black globe only Stand not...
Vaugondy Globe with Stand Vaugondy Globe with Stand alternate view

Vaugondy Globe with Stand

Modeled after a circa-1700s globe made by the famed Vaugondy family of cartographers, this antique reproduction globe has authentic detailing and beautiful detail.  Dimensions: 12.6” L x 13.3” W x 17.3” H...

Cow Horn Décor

Great idea for a housewarming gift, hard to shop for guys, cowboys or anyone interested in taxidermy. The most popular locations our customers display this work of art include doorways,...
If the Dog Is Home Pillow - Splashworks

If the Dog Is Home Pillow

Natural fabric textures and a simple message make this pillow a fun conversation piece for your home. Dimensions: 23" W x 15" H Edged with jute
Wellington Dining Chair w/Burlap Back - HTD Wellington Dining Chair with Burlap Back alternate view

Wellington Dining Chair with Burlap Back

Printed with a modernized portrait of the great English military leader, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, this unique dining chair cuts a handsome figure. A companion piece to the Washington Dining...

Vintage Textile Printing Screens

Before the days of digital printing, textile factories had to print their fabrics by hand. Though some textile designers still use the silk-screening process, these printing screens are increasingly rare....
Lightbulb Neon Light - Amped & Co. Lightbulb Neon Light alternate view

Lightbulb Neon Light

Go meta with your home décor. This neon light uses genuine gas-filled glass tubes to depict an Edison bulb in all its cartoonish glory. Put it in your office to inspire...

Motorola Brick Cell Phone

With its chunky, retro profile modeled after the iconic Motorola brick cell phone, this sculpture is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. Beyond its nostalgic quality, this...
From $62 to $64
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