We all have that favorite dive bar, where the wood on the floors and walls didn’t even need to be distressed, because it already was! If you love the local breweries for the aesthetic and atmosphere as much as we do, you’re going to love these simple rustic pieces. Here’s our 9 brewery inspired design ideas for the modern home, cheers!

Celebrate the Pacific Northwest beer culture by bringing that brewery vibe into your home with the reclaimed woods and rustic metal of this beautiful Brooklyn Bar!

Invite your guests to come on in, and have a seat! Add a modern twist with these sleek steel barstools.


Direct your guests to your personal watering hole with timeless charm. With its block lettering and worn finish, this retro-inspired sign will add some character to Margarita Mondays, Wine-going Wednesdays, and Saturday Soirées at your home bar.

Make a statement with this bold sign critter sign.

Now you’ll never forget what day it is! But is it Fri-yay or Wine-oclock?

For your ‘daily specials’! This metal framed 2-sided chalkboard makes for a functional accent.


Your bar must have a cast iron dolphin shaped bottle opener. Everyone should!

You’re going to need adequate seating. This industrial rustic plank bench is the vintage character you need in your home and can easily transform into a cozy window bench.


And last but not least, this solid reclaimed handmade sign. Because drinking local shows you care. #Portlandpride


We know your local dive bars will miss you, but these design ideas are sure to turn your home into a modern rustic brewery-inspired hangout. Just be sure to drink responsibly! Cheers from City Home!

Tell us: What’s your favorite brewery-inspired item? Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!


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