Do you dream of being able to feed all of your guests at one fabulous dining room table rather than sending some to the breakfast bar, or worse that small card table you pull out when you need just a bit of extra room? The perfect dining room table can be the big feature of your house- as well as provide it’s most important function- bringing friends and family together to create incredible memories over delicious (hopefully!) meals.

Whether you fancy rustic natural woods, polished industrial metals, or distressed farmhouse antiques, we have a dining room table that will fit your style and budget. Shop City Home for the latest dining room tables and chairs. In the meantime, sit back, relax-and imagine your next dinner party on one of these beautiful dining room tables.



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The dining room can be the heart of the home and with the right touches you’ll want to a lot more time in this space than just the occasional holiday dinner. If your looking to update your dining area, remember that a dining room table can last a lifetime, so don’t be afraid to invest in a timeless piece, you know you’ll be using it to make memories for years to come. The style of table and chairs you choose can speak volumes about your personality and style, find all kinds of styles from industrial chic, vintage inspired, and farmhouse fabulous at City Home


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