When most of us think of church interiors, modern interior design doesn't usually come to mind. Interior designer Kelly Atwood helped transform a drab commercial law office space into a modern, warm and inviting place for worship. She selected products from City Home to make The Collective Church a place where family can settle in and feel at home. 

The Collective Church Tigard Oregon

The Collective Church acts as a cooperative enterprise rather than placing the entire church on the back of one pastor or personality. Products shown: Tress Table & Photo Studio Floor Lamp.

Family Room Collective Church Tigard Oregon Church Chandelier

The Collective Church calls its main auditorium the "Family Room." This space used to be a cold commercial law library. The challenge was to make this space feel warm and comfortable like a family room. This was accomplished by dropping 4 extra large chandeliers, adding a one-of-a-kind architectural piece (found at City Home) and warming the once sterile wall color with Black Fox SW 7020 from Sherwin-Williams. The space now feels intimate and comfortable. Product shown: Metal & Wood 6 Light Chandelier.

The Collective Church Kitchen Break Room Decor Interior Design

Before Kelly Atwood got her hands on the space for the church's kitchen break room, it was your typical Dunder Mifflin break room. Kelly wanted it to feel inviting and eclectic, so she brought in a diversity of textures: a faux banana plant, a leather chair, round natural wood coffee tables, a Kilim pouf. In a community space that hosts large groups, seating is always an issue so Kelly thought out outside the box, selecting pieces that can double as seating and usable surfaces like sturdy coffee tables, benches and poufs. Products Shown: Faux Bird of Paradise Banana Plant, Parota Live Edge Wood Coffee Tables, Mackenzie Leather Chair, Turkish Kilim Pouf.


Kitchen Break Room


The Portland map art piece, upholstered chairs and throw rugs everywhere helps this very commercial break room feel comfortable and alive. Product Shown: Portland Wood Map and Faux Bird of Paradise Banana Plant.

Church Green Room The Collective Church Tigard Oregon

The Collective Church Green Room for musicians. Products Shown: Head Light Desk Lamp.

Kids Lounge Area The Collective Church Tigard Oregon

The Collective Church centers around family gathering and created a special area in the space just for kids. Before being updated, this soon-to-be kid's lounge area screamed for some warmth. Kelly painted the ceiling tiles black so that the sterile office vibe would leave the building and added a reclaimed wood wall. Texture, become a common theme in The Collective Church spaces: leather, concrete, natural wood, metal, fur, wool ... Kelly believes texture makes a house a home - whether that be an office environment, church, restaurant or an actual home. Product Shown: Tress Side Table 


Kids Lounge


The Collective Church's open play space. Product Shown: Hand Woven Wool Pouf.


Fussy Babies Room


The Collective Church is so family oriented, it even has a space dubbed the "Fussy Babies Room."  Whether there is a fussy baby that needs to be fed or have a diaper change, Kelly wanted a place where a parent could come, feel welcomed and not miss the church service through a live feed and comfortable simple space. Product Shown: Marie Wing Chair.


Swag Room


The Collective Church Swag Shop. This space houses the church merch, books, treats and coffee before and after services. Kelly wanted a comfortable lounge feel, where people felt like they could come and hang and chat like they were at home.  She selected City Home's best selling Mor Suite Sofa, a coffee table bench (which adds additional seating) and a leather chair to mix up textures and feel. Products Shown: Mor Suite Sofa & Peyton Bonded Leather Chair.


The Other Swag Room


Kelly had this triangular shelf custom made by her friend Wyatt Pender at Stoke. This Bohemian/Industrial/Modern space breaks lots of rules while keeping an eclectic home feel. Products Shown: Metal Table Clock and Antonello Lamp.

Special thanks to Interior Designer Kelly Atwood and The Collective Church for the behind the scenes look at their space. All photography by Emily Stocks.