Our motto: you can never have enough plants! We love the fresh and bright live art element that plants add to home decor. What we're saying is we'd basically be OK with turning our homes into jungles ;)

In this month's blog, we're sharing our favorite places to buy plants in Portland. From a secret garden paradise on Sauvie Island to bustling plant shops in the heart of town, Portland is a plant lovers dream.

We're also unveiling our new botanical collection featuring our best selling line of plants, planters, pots and botanical products.



Solabee Grande

We love that Solabee is more than just a plant store - it's also a full-service floral shop. Every time you step into Solabee, even as an avid plant lover, you're guaranteed to spot a new type of rare plant you never knew existed. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and there's always a cool collection of crystals to shop.

solabeeflowers.com / Two locations: 801 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR, 97217 and 1759 NW 24th, Portland, OR, 97210

Garden Fever

Garden Fever

Garden Fever has a little bit of everything for gardeners. They've got a surprisingly large outdoor area with an impressive selection from fruit trees to perennials perfect for shady northwest spots. Inside you can shop well-made gardening tools, a nice array of seeds and a well-curated constantly refreshed house plant section.

gardenfever.com / 3433 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97212



Thicket is a hidden gem tucked just off Alberta Street. It's got the perfect balance of urban and bohemian style. We love that you can hop off a major Portland street into this plant oasis. We especially love Thicket's Oregon native plants and cactus / succulents sections. The staff is known for going above and beyond for their customers by doing things like potting plants at no charge, even in pots you bring from home!

thicketpdx.com / 4933 NE 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211

Pistils Nursery


We love Pistils Nursery on Mississippi - you can count on finding the latest sought after specialty plant here. Their shop is a treat to visit, flowing from a boutique indoor space to a solarium (pictured above) to an outdoor nursery area complete with a flock of exotic bantam chickens.

pistilsnursery.com / 3811 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97227

Cistus Nursery

Cistus Nursery

This nursery is another great excuse to escape the city and head to Sauvie Island! Great for a day trip just 20 miles from Portland, Cistus Nursery is carefully curated into regional climate areas from Mediterranean to tropical to Pacific Northwest. The nursery is known for having some of the best plant description tags around! Visiting this nursery is like a getaway to a far away place.

cistus.com / 22711 NW Gillihan Rd, Sauvie Island, Oregon, 97231


Once you've found a plant friend, you have to find it a place to live. Or depending on your personality, you find a planter and then find the perfect plant for it. Whatever you style, at City Home we offer a great selection of planters and pots as well as home decor and accessories for the botanically inclined.

Botanical Collection