Finding the perfect gift that’s not only appreciated but loved and put to good use—that’s the goal of the holidays, isn’t it? If you’re not sure what to get for some of the special people in your life, consider a decorative light with tons of personality. Our tabletop neon lights and word-art lightboxes are fun, stylish and suitable for gifting to everyone from your tween nephew to your retiree mother-in-law. 


Furniture Showroom with Rip City Light


A Rip City light ($124) for proud PDX locals

Lights As Gifts? Brilliant!

Everyone likes a little brightness in their life, and decorative lighting delivers on that in every sense. With tabletop neon lights in a variety of shapes and lightboxes featuring fun word art, we’ve got just the right range of options to suit every age and taste. 

Decorative lighting makes a great gift because it allows people to show off their personalities and gives you the opportunity to stand out among a crowded field of socks and other less-interesting items. Offering just the right blend of retro cool and on-trend appeal, these are gifts that will stand the test of time.




Just a few of the fabulous lightboxes we have in-store

Picking the Right Piece

The key to gift success is always that personal touch. To get your decorative light gift selection right, consider these factors:

  • Space: The amount of room the gift recipient has to work with can determine whether a lightbox, which is typically larger than a tabletop neon, is an appropriate choice. A college student living in a dorm may have limited display space, making a smaller neon light suitable. On the other hand, if you know someone who recently moved into a new house and is looking for decor to fill shelves, a lightbox may be the better option.
  • Style: What does the person you’re shopping for tend to dress like? Are they more formal, or do they prefer athleisure? Are they traditional or trendy? We offer vintage-inspired lightboxes that are perfect for those who have a more classic style, while some of our brighter and more colorful neon lights are a great choice for people who like to dress and decorate with a lot of flair.
  • Personality: Does the person you’re shopping for really like music? Do they have a lot of hometown pride for Portland, Vancouver or Lake Oswego? The message the neon light or lightbox sends can also resonate with the person you’re shopping for. Getting them something that reflects their personality and interests will show how much you care.
  • Age: Though neon lights and age-appropriate lightboxes do make particularly great gifts for teens and young adults, don’t assume that neon lights are just for kids. Bright, colorful and unexpected items are suitable gifts for all ages, especially if the person you’re shopping for has a well-developed sense of fun. Better yet, these lights are simple to operate, meaning your desert-loving grandfather might actually appreciate the gift of a neon cactus light more than an iPad.


Retro styled lounge


Retro headphones in neon ($74)

Shop With Us

Keep in mind that, while we do have some great options in our online shop, we also carry a much wider range of options for tabletop light boxes and neon lights in our stores. Call any of our three locations or come visit us to learn more about what we have in stock. We can even help you pick the right gift for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list!