It's that time of year—everyone's traveling, with friends and family members making their annual trek to visit their loved ones. If you're staying put and hosting at your house this year, you've got one less thing to worry about as far as travel is concerned. But are you prepared to give your overnight Thanksgiving and Christmas guests a comfy, cozy place to sleep while they're staying with you?

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or plan to turn your couch into a bed for your guests, we have inviting furniture that will make your house feel more comfortable than a hotel. With options ranging from large, nap-worthy sofas to stately queen bed frames, our Cozy Hosting collection has a range of options to suit different styles and spaces.

Note that some of these styles are available for local delivery TODAY, while others may be out of stock or require longer lead times. Call us for details on your favorite piece from the collection!

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Bed Options for Guest Rooms


Remix Bed


Though not the only way to be a great host, having a beautifully designed guest room certainly doesn't hurt. If your guest room is looking a little lackluster right now, a stylish bed frame can do a lot to anchor the room and make it more polished. We have bed frames in a range of sizes to suit the size of the space. The Remix Bed Frame ($998-$1128, pictured above), for example, is available in both queen and king sizes, with two different headboard fabric options.


Aspen Live Edge Bed


The Cozy Hosting collection includes bed frames that can suit a variety of home decor styles. If you like a more rustic, organic look, the Aspen Bed Frame ($1398, pictured above) is a great choice. Its live-edge lines give the bed a natural feel with a stylish edge and modern finish thanks to its angular metal frame.

Sofa Options for Living Rooms


Lana Sectional Sleeper


If you don't have a dedicated guest room, or if your guest room functions as an office most of the year, a sofa is your best bet. It is entirely possible to create a comfortable sleeping space for visitors using a sofa alone! 

Sleeper sofas with pull-out mattresses are one way to make the most of your space. We have a few different sleeper sofa options, including the customizable Lana Sectional ($2,956, pictured above), which is made locally right here in Portland! You can add a queen sleeper mattress to the Lana Sectional, and you'll also have your choice of 100+ fabric options so you can make this beautiful sofa match with existing decor.


Cordoba Rust Velvet Sectional


Large sofas are also a good option when you need a crash pad for friends and family. All of the non-sleeper sofa options in the Cozy Hosting collection are the same width as (or wider than) a standard twin-sized mattress. Among these large sofa options is the Cordoba Sectional ($2,298, pictured above), which is available in a wide range of fabric options. This is the kind of sofa that can accommodate a crowd for parties and movie nights, so it's plenty big enough for sleep. You may even find yourself napping on it between visitors!

If you aren't sure which option might work best for your home, you can always come into our stores for design advice. If you'd rather buy online, remember that you can always pick up in store for free if you're in a time crunch and want to get your cozy guest setup ready ASAP.

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