While it sounds like a contradiction, sleek industrial pieces pair perfectly with cozy accents like plush sofas, old-world textiles, and rustic wood. Warm up your style this winter with this surprising combination. Check out our recommendations, or shop the cozy industrial collection at City Home.

Experiment with Velvet


Images via Moe’s and The Design Walker

Velvet upholstery might conjure up images of stuffy, traditional homes and chintzy chairs, but the right piece can flawlessly complement industrial decor. To avoid frilly associations, aim for pieces with strong lines and modern silhouettes. A squared-off, low profile sofa like the one above leaves plenty of breathing room. Or try a tufted velvet sofa to evoke the spirit of luxurious turn-of-the-century hotels and clubs.

Layer Textiles


Images via MyDomaine and FrenchyFancy

Layering textiles is a common way to warm up an interior, yet it might seem at odds with the spare, open feeling of most industrial homes. The best way to layer textiles without overwhelming your industrial decor? Choose materials that have a long association with old-world factories, like canvas, leather, and linen.

Embrace Warm Reclaimed Woods


Images via House Beautiful and OneKindDesign

Reclaimed wood tends to have a starring role in industrial decor, and it’s a powerful way to change your home’s mood. While glossy, dark wood amps up the drama, lighter colored woods in a rougher finish can bring in some warmth. If exposed beams like the ones above just aren’t in your budget, try using a smaller piece in a featured area of your home.

What says ‘cozy’ to you? Let us know in the comments. Shop the cozy industrial collection here.

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