2017 means a whole new year and and a new you! Time for fresh home decor ideas! Like finally revamping that dingy room you’ve always wanted to update, but struggled with. Adding a few simple key pieces can bring a brand new look to your home or office.

Ready to start pinning? These are our top 5 favorite home decor trends that are going to be huge in 2017!

Our Favorite Home Decor Trend of 2017?

Spilling Natural Foliage (we’re talking jungle folks!)

We’re loving this trend, and we fully believe that plants completely enhance the look of your space as well as your peace of mind! Also, they come in many different colors, so you can accent your color scheme with these natural beauties. If you don’t have a green thumb, get ready, these inspiring photos will have you growing your ideal jungle in no time (we do not guarantee they will live however, so you might want to check out these helpful tips from A Beautiful Mess).

A Beautiful Mess

Get the Look! Pimp Your Room

Laura Moss for New York Times


Number Two: Marble Everything

Aw, yes luxurious marble. We’ve seen marble counter tops, and the lucky few who can afford marble tiled bathrooms, but here’s an interesting take on the all things marble trend that we are totally in love with! Marble wallpaper! Check it out, AND, it doesn’t have to come in white and grey! These colors are so fun.

Design Milk

Design Milk

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Number Three: Open Shelving

Duh. This one is a no brainer trend that we are just going to see more of. Show off those beautiful dishes, books, photos, trinkets, all the things you love with open shelving. From kitchen to bathrooms, this trend is sure to stay in 2017. For those who love an industrial chic or farmhouse look, this inspo is for you!

Style Files

Crate and Barrel

Domino/ Douglas Friedman

Number Four: Cozy Throw Blankets, On Literally Everything

Well lived in spaces are trending this year, hurray! That means that cozy throw blanket you used last night to snuggle up and watch a movie can stay on the couch. We’re seeing this trend everywhere, from the office chair to the bedroom, blankets are essential as far as we’re concerned.

Love and Lemonade

My Scandinavian Home

Ella Way Farer

Apartment Therapy

Number Five: Deep, Dark Blues

While white has been trending for a while, it’s time to bring in a new color to push back on all that neutral. These dark blue hues give rooms a classic, but deep mood feel. Think coffee, books, long conversations with friends. Find a new trend that might have you giving up white in 2017! White addicts, don’t distress, you can mix dark and light and balance that neutral.

My Country Living



Desire To Inspire

If you’re ready for new exciting things in the new year, we are too! These home decor trends have us ready to tackle some new rooms in our homes. For all things inspiration stop by our City Home design warehouse and showrooms in Portland, or get inspired by all things amazing on our website CityHomepdx.com.

Now, you are free to pin away!


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