Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve? Really, it’s a holiday that we can all get behind. The last night of the year has you hopped up with adrenaline (I mean how fun is counting down from ten AND watching a massive ball drop at the same time?), and the next day you get to write 365 pages of your new book of life, how cool is that?

Here at City Home, we love the festivities, but we’re also not telling you to deck your place out in floor-to-ceiling glitter. Hosting a New Year’s Eve party with a few good friends is easier than you think, and we’ve drummed up some serious home decor inspo that will have you putting on your DIY cap, and turning your home into a sparkly, swanky, hip spot for you and your friends this NYE.

Feast your eyes on this classy party decor!

Be sophisticated. Get a bar cart.


Photo:  blog.anthropologie.com

Check out our Oval Bar Cart on Casters, a beautiful addition to any par-tay.

Or our vintage-inspired bar cart.

Serve up some snacks. Common, dessert goes with every holiday doesn’t it?

Photo: Mikkel Vang


We know, our awesome Pink Marble Lazy Susan is perfect for setting out snacks, dessert- even store-bought cookies look mighty fancy on this beauty!


Plan games! Make light of New Year’s resolutions, or play an old fashioned game of Pictionary. Our Metal 2 sided Sandwich Chalkboard is perfect for drawing, or keeping score!  

This game can get rowdy! Our Tic Tac Toe Shot glass board is lots of fun.






Then, toast to friends, to family, to 2017, to YOU!

Ruth Eileen Photography

Honey and Fitz

The Busy Beesia 

Wallah! Time to drink champagne and dance on the table! Stay tuned for big things this year from City Home, and have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!

The Busy Beesia 


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