Chocolate, candy, and bedazzled heart-shaped cards have their appeal, but we’re partial to gifts that say something special. This Valentine’s Day, avoid clichés and give your sweetheart something truly heartfelt. Here are our ideas for unique, sweet, and stylish Valentine’s Day gifts.

Put Their Name in Lights


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We love the idea of giving your sweetheart one of these retro marquee lights. Pick up an ampersand or a set that matches your and your partner’s initials for a super-sweet gesture.

Write a Love Letter for Every Month of the Year


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There’s nothing quite as romantic as a hand-written love letter. If your partner loves getting sweet notes from you, they’ll be delighted to get a romantic pick-me-up every month. Tuck the letters into their coat pockets or a special letterbox for an extra charming twist.

Upgrade a Classic


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Flowers are a classic gift for a reason: they’re beautiful, down to earth, and steeped in age-old romantic meaning. But rather than gifting flowers in a plastic sleeve, present them in a beautiful vase. Vintage mercury glass bottles, apothecary jars, or rustic wire-topped vases add something special to an old favorite.

Gather an Unconventional Bouquet



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On that note, maybe your sweetheart favors the offbeat over the traditional. Skip the flowers altogether and try a bouquet of something unexpected: feathers, arrows, fresh herbs, or a branch from the park where you first met.

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