Fancy yourself a true animal lover? Animal themed decor has seen a huge re-vamp in recent years. It’s no longer just for the kiddos. Yes, you could rummage through your local thrift store every weekend and spend all your time, money, and exhausting effort to find those one-of-a-kind unique accessories, or you can just scroll down…

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with something different, we’ve hand picked the most unique, vintage inspired, animal-lover home accessories, that you will roar with approval over.

Put a bird on it! This function meets funky accent lamp holds your nightstand accessories in it’s perfectly coiled nest.

Excuse me sir, may I get your coat? Your adorable new bulldog butler welcomes all your guests.

Want that eclectic indie vibe? Bull horns can be hung on any wall for a un-bull-ievable statement piece.

This adorable bunny vase hears so much positivity its got flowers growing out of its’ ears!

Plain ole doorknobs are just boring! Spruce up that ghastly entryway with some bad ass vintage animal knobs, or perhaps you need a hand to open that door?

White Terra Cotta Pig  is perfectly happy to rest on a shelf while holding your favorite books.

Also comes in whale, dog and our personal favorite- Mermaid!

Want to scare your mom? This Bush pig couldn’t look anymore real, oh wait, that’s because it is!

Safari inspired prints with vintage frames add tons of style to your walls.

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Connect with your spirit animal by adding these fun and sophisticated animal-inspired accessories to your unique space! Which is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you!


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