The school year is fast approaching, and that means the book bags, papers, shoes and coats are going to be dumped in the family entryway as soon as they walk through the door from the first day of school. This is the first space you see when you walk in your house or apartment, and this space doesn’t have to be the “family dump”!  Utilize it by making it a functional and orderly space with our easy and stylish storage solutions.

First, hang it up. Outfit your entryway with simple and stylish coat rack, or these cool branch hooks so you can easily store coats, hats, and book bags.

Hang it up:




Take your shoes off:

Remove the shoes. Utilize these cute and functional storage carts for shoes or boot trays, right next to the door, they’ll always know where to find them!



Coral all the paper:

Always know whose is whose. Storage bins like these can be labeled corresponding to each family member or guest. Give them a special place to store their school papers, and easily slide these under a decorative bench.



Seats with storage:

Have a seat! Shoes are hard to tie! Give your entryway a chic industrial or farmhouse look with these cute and functional benches. Storage bins also fit perfectly underneath, what could be better?


Store the keys. Rather than clutter up a single hook with all your keys, hide them in the perfect space, our adorable cast iron turtle key box and never lose them again.


Never leave the house with food in your teeth.Our vintage rounded mirrors are perfect for checking your hair just before you walk out the door, and make a functional chic addition to any entryway.




Hit the lights. As soon as you walk in the door you want to have enough light to properly put your things away. Add these incredible wire hanging pendant lamps to spice up your foyer.


Now’s the time to start organizing for the upcoming school year. Don’t let your foyer become the family “dump”! If your entryway is compact you’re going to need storage solutions to keep everything in it’s place and out of the way. This way your life may not be as organized, but your foyer sure will be!


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