Find the Perfect Home Decor Improvement for Your New Year’s Resolution

When the New Year rolls around we often start to feel like our homes need a little re-tuning. After all, it makes sense to update your home to reflect the changes you’ve experienced in the last year, as well as the plans you’ve made for the new one. Here are our recommendations for the best way to align your home with your intentions for the New Year.

Sofas at City Home PDX

Above: One of our stylish sofas

If you’ve resolved to manage your stress better…Swap out your sofa

If your sofa has started to sag and slouch, and generally looks more like a failed soufflé than the dignified seating your living room deserves, it might be time for an upgrade. A new sofa can provide better back support, improve the way your whole home looks, and even give you more room to cuddle with a loved one or pet. What better way to kick stress to the curb?

Art at City Home PDX

Above: One of our vintage prints

If you’ve resolved to take more risks…Try an eye-catching piece of art

If you’ve resolved to be bolder this year, it might be just the time to take down the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster and try something a little more out there. Whether that’s an oversized vintage print, a quirky statue, or a vintage wagon wheel is up to you.

Rustic Metal Cart

Above: A vintage metal cart is perfect for storing fresh vegetables

If you’ve resolved to eat more vegetables…Invest in beautiful storage for them

There are some gorgeous vegetable storage containers out there, and it’s time to take advantage of them. While they’d look good holding just about anything, they look even better filled to the brim with veggies from the farmer’s market. And with open-air storage, you’ll have a ready reminder to eat your vegetables.

Hand Shaped Bookends

Above: Hand-shaped bookends from our collection

If you’ve resolved to read more books…Deck out your bookshelf

In addition to stocking up on great reads, there’s nothing quite like an eye catching set of book ends to remind you to pick up a new book. Create a beautiful, well-organized home library with a set of sculptural bookends or a quirky book holder.

What home decor improvements are you making this year? Leave a comment below, or if you’re still hungry for home decor ideas, join us on Pinterest!

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